Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beatmart is back? New releases

Beatmart Recordings, the label that brought you polished releases from Soul P., Japhia Life, Rob Hodge, and Eric Cross will be offering its entire instrumental catalog for digital download today -7/28/09.

The tracks will be available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon.com, and all major online distribution sites.

“At Beatmart, we want to reinvent ourselves by investing greater into the individual consumer through the digital space. We want to share our assets with the people and offer our help in getting them where they want to go musically,” Beatmart president Todd Collins said.

“If giving them access to our catalog of instrumentals helps accelerate that process, then we will count it as a success – one person at a time."

Does this mean the company (once considered dead) has been resurrected?

"Beatmart is planning to make a comeback,” Collins said. “It won’t be without a lot prayer and hard work, but we see this release of our instrumentals as a small step in heading back in the right direction.

"In the meantime, I hope people can use what we were blessed with to be able to create through the years so far. We have plans to bring many more down the line.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Wade-O Show adds three new affiliates (Includes California, Canada, & St. Maarten)

The Wade-O Radio network of affiliates continues to grow both numerically and geographically with the recent additions of NIFTY Christian Radio, International Christian Network Radio, and Laser 101 FM.

The shows will originate from Toronto, Canada, Victorville, California, and St. Maarten, respectively. The Laser 101 addition is particularly notable because it is the most listened to mainstream station on the island.

“We’re so excited to have all of these stations join our partnership to make Jesus the Christ known through the vehicle of hip hop music,” Wade-O said.

“God continues to allow this show to cross boarders which, to me, simply reinforces the truth that He is ‘no respecter of persons’ and a lover of all men.”

The new station start dates and air times are:

Vidz: Joshua Fest Tales (3 of 6)

"It's pretty cool..."

Plus massages.

Reach Relocates - Partners with Blueprint

Reach Records and Reach Life Ministries is relocating from Memphis, TN to the ATL and partnering with Sho Baraka's Blueprint Church plant.

A few details from the presser:
At Blueprint, we find leadership with a like minded heart of hitting the pulse of today's culture, yet also unflinching in its dedication to exalting Christ as we find him in the Scriptures and living out the faith in authentic community. Not everyone needs to rap. Music is not the final answer, it's just an avenue to glorify God and point people to Jesus. Lord willing, our hope is to stir the passion of leaders around the world to plant similar churches, get trained through places like Blueprint and go
back to their own areas to make disciples.
Read it in full here.

Such a transition is no doubt huge. Keep 'em all in prayer please.

Vidz: Joshua Fest Tales (2 of 6)

"Chocolate Rain" references = Bonus cool points

Vidz: Applejaxx "Back 2 the Future" promo

That "Green as Luigi" cat Applejaxx tossed me this nice little promo video for his Back 2 the Future album that drops 09.09.09. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bushwick Bill's drop date set (new cover)

I caught this commercial on Von Won's Reel Talk TV show last night.

Looks like they have a drop date set and a new cover art. Thankfully it's better than this one.

Pre-order the jawn right chere.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Free DL: H.Krum (aka Playdough) Beat Tape

deepspace5 member Playdough released a fresh (and FREE) new beat tape this week.

Get your copy of "Who's Harry Krum?" here and be sure to hit him up if you wanna buy any of this heat.

Watch this for your sample:

Vidz: Joshua Fest Tales (1 of 6)

Another silly Syntax Creative masterpiece. More to come soon.

Visit http://www.joshuafest.com/ for more info on the event.

Sneak Peek: Next Tha Message Mag cover


Here's your sneak peek of the next cover of Tha Message Mag.

I wrote the story about the Frontlynaz. Should be out soon.

To order back issues go to ThaMessageMag.com or QualityJunk.com.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Word Watch: Beast

Dear "beast," just a heads up that cats are abusing your use as a word.

Hate to see you go the way of "swag."

Stay strong.

Walter Cronkite (1916 - 2009)

As I noted on Twitter (hadn't had time to put it up here), television reporter Walter Cronkite passed away last Friday.

Obviously, I wasn't around for much of his heyday, but as one who calls himself "the Journalist" and earned a college degree in that field of study, I am aware of his impact and respect his craft.

In fact, in one of the first rhymes I ever tried to write (besides this), I envoked his name.

And it went a little something like this....

"Not quite your Walter Cronkite / but I'll be your Journalist

Checkin' all the things that I done seen / and all the things that you done missed"

As you can see, an AP Style Guide and traditional grammer rules were not in play during this writing session.
Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s "The Big Picture" #1


Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s The Big Picture album dropped Tuesday and immediately hit the #1 spot on iTunes Christian & Gospel Chart. I checked a few hours ago (three days later) and it's still holding it down at the top.

Congrats to Da' T.R.U.T.H. for a successful launch despite much marketing effort by his label.

Vidz: "Train Song" by Listener

I'm not as wild about this particular arrangement, but Listener's (deepspace5) "Train Song" has always been a classic to me.

Enjoy the visuals (check the growth of the facial hair) and click here to cop the "Train Songs EP" with 5 different versions of the track.

Braille's Hip Hop Is Music label is back


Photo by Sketch the Journalist

After a near two-year absence, Braille Brizzy has announced the official return of his Hip Hop Is Music label. After overcoming the stress and fear of starting up such a venture, Braille notes he’s ready to resume operations, if even on a small scale.

The first release will be from Future Shock’s Soujourn. Soujournalism: The Summer Chronicles will be dropping September 1. Download the first single and goodie bag for FREE right 'chere.

He also reports that he will be hosting and performing at the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam on July 29. The event is said to be the largest mentoring program for the blind in the country.

And as for his desire to give away 30,000 copies of the Cloud Nineteen album – he and producer S1 are halfway there. 15,000 have been distributed at shows and events thus far. Look for more to come this summer and with your subscription to Urban D’s S.O.U.L. Magazine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exclusive: "Death of Autotune (D.O.A.)" remix by Ruslan of theBREAX


Just got my hands on this exclusive "Death of Autotune (D.O.A.)" remix (Beat re-created by Jruckers) by Ruslan from theBREAX crew in San Diego.

Like Jay-Z, he's got some harsh words for his peers.

"Christian rappers keep doin' what the world do / then cry when they get called out / that's what little girls do"

"Your lack of respect for the culture makes me laugh / but this won't be the first time God spoke through an ass"

Listen and download here.

For reference, here's the Mark Driscoll interview he appears to have sampled and used as inspiration.

What are your thoughts on this track and its message? Too hard? Too risque'? Not hard enough?

Northern California's Joshua Fest Partners with Syntax Records for 6th Straight Year

Joshua Fest, the popular three-day, camp-style rock festival, has partnered with Syntax Records for a sixth straight year. The label has been affiliated with the event since its inception.

In addition to running the official Joshua Fest merchandise booth, offering a physical version of their QualityJunk.com music store, and helping to market and promote the event, Syntax will be contributing musical talent.

Alongside a lineup of groups like Mxpx, Family Force Five, Emery, and Project 86, expect to see Kaboose, Odd Thomas, Propaganda, and Jeremiah Bonds represent the world of hip hop.

This year’s event will take place September 4 – 6 at Quincy, California’s Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds. To purchase tickets, please visit http://www.itickets.com/.

What I'm Listening To (WILT): Word & Deed

I'm starting a new feature called WILT (What I'm Listening To.) With it, I hope to highlight projects I've bought or been given that deserve your attention.

I might give it a full review, some bullet point opinions, or just a plug. The bottom line is that it IS currently spinning on my iPod and what I'm feeding my earlobes at the moment.

First up: Teddy P's Word & Deed.

I literally just started vibing to it half an hour ago, but I'm digging it thus far. And, the dude is selling for a SIMPLE BUCK. Get your copy here. It drops next Tuesday, July 28.

And feast on this nice lil promo video for the project below.

52 Television on the way

KJ-52 recently Tweeted that he’s completed his next album.

52 Television will be released on September 22.

As you can see from his iPhone screen shot, early song titles include “Adventures of Tweezyman,” “Rope,” “Headlines,” and “Let’s Go” featuring Trevor McNeven of the rock band Thousand Foot Krutch.

Lyrycyst wins HolyCulture.net's first "Breakout" contest

Auburn, California artist Lyrycyst was announced as the first winner of HolyCulture.net’s “The Breakout” contest.

The ongoing, special program is designed to give independent artists even greater exposure on their site and various media outlets.

Each month artists submit tracks to be voted on by readers and HC staff. Winners receive a full promo package, acknowledging them as the “Holy Culture Breakout winner” that includes: banner ads, interviews, reviews, and music leaks.

For more details, hit up “The Breakout” section at HolyCulture.net

Vidz: "I am not triple H" - Bro. Wize

Bro. Wize addresses his "I am not triple H" line from the new "Pump Up the Bass" track.

For those not in the know, that is not a reference to the pro 'rassler - rather is a common abbreviation for "holy hip hop."

P.S. Listening to this joint on your laptop doesn't do it justice. I rocked it on my ride this AM via the Wade-O Radio show and it thumps legit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Whole World is a Circus

Well, another day, another artist in a circus outfit.

This time it’s Gotee Records’ John Reuben filling out the red coattails and top hat. The new single and video, “Town Folk,” hit the web on July 14.

You might remember gospel rapper CY’s statements almost a year ago regarding his own “Circus World Event” album and stage show theme.

His “Ringleader” project has been produced and packaged for a while but just received national, in-store servicing through Infinity Distribution this week – the same day as “Town Folk” in fact.

Since then, he’s seen T-Pain, Britney Spears, and now John Reuben adopt a similar concept. Obviously it’s a popular idea.

John Reuben "Town Folk" from Gotee Records on Vimeo.

P.S. I became a JReu fan after his last album when he picked up the Beck-like experimental folk rock instead of the pure hip hop. Still, I feel for my man CY.

Crossing over

Several Christian rappers and labels are getting their music exposed to mainstream audiences lately.

Florida’s GodChaserz Entertainment’s track, “I Can’t Hear Y’all,” earned an appearance on the Reviewstacks.com official mixtape.

And Syntax Records’ Shane Newville’s “Samurai Showdown” is being used by the CW network to promote an upcoming show called “The Beautiful Life.” Read more here.

Also check out DJ Promote's mash-up of that track with Braille's "Double Dose" on the Wages of Syntax 2 mixtape. It's a thing of beauty.

Finally, you might also catch deepspace5 member Sintax the Terrific’s political raps on CNN.com. Using the news network’s iReport site, the MC has crafted two, rhyme commentary video summaries of the recent election in Iran and the G8 Summit. Check for “Green Out” and “The Last Shall Be G8” below.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recap: DWYL Tour - Houston


Reach Records' Don't Waste Your Life Tour hit Houston this Friday and since all the world is aTwitter with this mico-blogging stuff, I figured it would be fun (and admittedly easy) to recap the event with my own blue bird blow-by-blow analysis. Bonus and better pics are also included. Enjoy.

NOTE: All photos by Sketch the Journalist


To start, I almost didn't get to attend.

For some reason, I had the date marked on my calendar for Saturday. Then, when I called the church to confirm (since the Reach website said it would be close to capacity) I was asked if I had pre-registered. I hadn't, which meant I wouldn't be making the event.

After Tweeting my frustrations that this hadn't been more publicized or made clear on the web, I got a call from DJ Ovadose. He said he had pre-registered but thought he should better spend his time studying for an upcoming insurance license exam. He wanted me to take his ticket. (More on that later.)

Thankfully the schedule was clear for Friday night as well and I was able to make the drive. Other local CHH figures like dogfight!, Apokalum, Da' Legend, and YungLion (who I heard drove from Lake Charles, LA) weren't as lucky.

On with the Twits:


Headed 2 the H-town Don't Waste Your Life Tour stop. Hope the heat doesn't slay us waiting outside b4 they start. Mobile pic Tweets 2 come. Just handed off @Tedashii a copy of Tha Message Mag w/ my cvr story on him. Brought extras for his moms & family. Mothers like 2 scrapbook.Backstage Sho asked FLAME if he would be his brother for the night. DWYL Tour is in TX now so the rest of the guys all have fam close. Special props 2 @betochas (DJ Ovadose) for getting me in 2 the DWYL Tour. Dude sacrificed his spot for mine. Sound like anyone we know? All of the Much Luvv fam is MIA cuz 1 of the SOM twins is getting married tonight. Good 2 c they already know wifey comes 1st. Reach Records rep announced 13 Letters ciric available to disciple the youth of "Dallas." Loud & long chorus of boos follows. :). Ummm. I think starting off with "Jesus Muzik" in H-town was a wise choice. Sho is slaying w/ lyrics a Capella now. Told me wasn't sure if he'd do Kobe Bryant On Em later. Will be interesting to see Rocket fans react Sho's Kobe song in effect to mixed reaction. You can't front on @kdrama513's beat though. I'm stepping to the back cuz FLAME is about to "Go Buck!" and crowd is packed. RT @TripLee116: Had 2 turn away 400+ @ the door tonight. Encouraged by turnout, saddened more couldn't make it inside. May Christ b exalted! Pic: FLAME reminds 'em to "Hold On!" Pic: @Tedashii telling his hometown that "26 inches is a very low throne!" Love that song - esp for this city. DJ Official appears to be Tweeting from the stage. Anyone got his Twitter name so I can bug him? First notes of @tedashii's "I'm a Believer" excites the crowd. Somebody tell Jigga that Autotune still lives w/ the yunguns in Htown.Pic: Love how they're incorporating those DWYL Tour commercials into the concert. RT @djofficialdj: Trip just did a new song called "9 to 5" off my new album coming out October called "Entermission" on Reach Records. Show stopped to announce parents looking for a kid named Devarious He was lost. Later found. I pray others are too tonight. Pic: @lecrae asks Houston what happens "After the Music Stops" CHH Trend Watch: Scarves seem to be on the way out. Fully faded Mohawks still going hard. Whole crew is out for "Houston, We Have a Problem." I hope the speakers can hold up. Reach & FLAME "Make War." Sho standing on speakers. Crowd worships to "Joyful Noize" DWYL Concert over. Reach cats now getting it in with people who wanna b serious about Jesus. I'm riding home 2 Identity Crisis bought 2nite


While this stop was similar to their previous one (even at the same venue), you can tell the dudes continue to step up their performance and presentation. The songs and acts interchange smoothly and keep the energy flowing.

The overall theme and message is very evident and I'm glad to hear how they're also teaching and reaching local ministries to maintain the momentum once the bus rolls out to the next spot on the schedule.

Given the crowd and turnout, Reach is definitely going to need bigger venues in the future. Or at least a well communicated ticket/pre-registration system so that another 400 plus "don't waste their time" traveling and standing in the heat for an event they can't witness.

(Full disclosure: I got that line from dogfight! He texted it to me as he was driving away with a car full of disappointed kids.)

Be sure to catch the DWYL Tour if it comes anywhere close to your city. Just be sure to call ahead and make sure you can get in.

Although I've interviewed and written about him in the past, this was my first time meeting FLAME.

Friday, July 10, 2009

MJ meets CHH

Ever since Mike Jack passed, music fans and DJs have mourned by putting his music in constant rotation.

A few interested Christian Hip Hop mixes have also emerged.

1st: DJ Heir mashed up FLAME's "Call Him" with "Rock With You."
Listen and/or download here.

2nd: DJ Rhino hit me with this MJ + CHH mix after I helped him track down the Peace 586 track that originally sampled "Can't Help It" from the Off the Wall album.

Listen and/or download here to hear a sweet package that rightfully puts the King of Kings above the King of Pop while still taking pleasure in the music.

Syntax suspends promotion of RedCloud


It is with deep sorrow that I inform you that “Syntax Records has decided to indefinitely suspend all promotion, support, and endorsement of RedCloud.”

The label made the formal announcement via their website on Thursday, July 2. In it, they break down the Biblical steps they took before coming to this point.

As we did recently with Ambassador and Cross Movement Records, I ask that you continue to lift up all parties involved and guard your heart against the temptation to elevate any man above the grace He has been given through Christ’s sacrifice.

Christian Hip Hop Hits U.S. Congress?

On Friday, June 26 hip hop pioneer Kurtis Blow, his group the Trinity (including my man Ricky B) and others met with Congresswoman Diane Watson near Capitol Hill.

As part of the Congressional Entertainment Industries Caucus, their purpose was to educate Ms. Watson and others about the genre of Christian hip hop and ask for the government’s assistance and support of this life-changing cultural force.

Here’s a clip of the trip:

While I applaud anyone willing to help publicize this music (and the one for whom it stands) I have to wonder if getting the federal government involved is the best plan of action.

Obviously there will be “separation of church and state” arguments from the opposition. Then again, the government does seem to financially support other artistic expressions for all matter of viewpoints and faith.

What’s your take on the matter? Do you think Congress should actively and financially support Christian hip hop?

Tre9's Hip Hop Hope Tuesdays in 5th Ward


Tre9's Hip Hop Hope Tuesdays is now up and running at the Prince Complex in Houston's infamous 5th Ward neighborhood.

Tre got the vision for this backyard mission field when he partnered with the complex (owned by J. Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records fame) for an Easter weekend community service/outreach.

Early reports are inspiring, with 8 people making a decision to become followers of Christ last week. Keep up with all the haps and see videos from the events on Tre9's Hip Hop Missionary blog.

Please also keep this effort in prayer.

As a bonus, "Street Flava," Houston's local mainstream rap TV show has taken interest in the affair and will be on location this Tuesday, July 14 to film footage for an upcoming episode.

Free DL: DJ Primo's Ridin' Slow

What can I say?

Y'all already know DJ Primo is the "King of Christian Chopped and Screwed." Dude is giving y'all a fully plate of the slow funk with a quality blend here.

All for NADA.

Download this joker here right now and then act like This'l and blast it from your slab with the "Windows Down."

Syntax signs Odd Thomas & Propaganda / GodChaserz Entertainment gets C-Straight


Two of Christian hip hop’s most-catalogued labels announced additions to their rosters last week.

San Diego-based Syntax Records confirmed earlier Rapzilla rumors that both Odd Thomas and Tunnel Rat MC Propaganda have joined their crew.

Syntax Records has long relationships with both artists that date back to the year 2000. Odd Thomas worked on the Fashion Expo and Night Owls compilations in addition to making beats like RedCloud’s “Tapatio.” Prop’s also known the Trudeau brothers for years and toured with Cloud in 08.

Read the full statement here.


Also, Florida’s GodChaserz Entertainment announced new artist C-Straight. He’s debuting on the Interwebs with a “D.O.A.” remake. “Death of Apathay” also features GCE member ReadyWriter calling shotgun.

Listen here.

Reel Talk TV needs your videos

As I’ve said before, within the last year Christian hip hop has stepped its music video game up considerably. Problem is, most of these golden nuggets seem relegated to the Internet. My man Von Won in H-town wants to change that.

He’s got a half hour Reel Talk video show that runs on Saturday nights on an over-the-air station here in Houston. It’s got a good time slot for its target audience of unbelievers and is well produced. Problem is – he needs your flicks.

If you’ve got a hot clip you want to get some play in the nation’s 4th largest city, send your .MOV, QuickTime, or DVD to reeltalkworldwide@gmail.com.

Back to the blog

Dear blog,

I'm sorry I've neglected you.

The day job has been a beast lately and deadlines have been looming. Still, I know you want to inform people, pass on cool links, and such. So since I have some downtime finally, I'll devote a few entries to you.

Thanks for understanding.