Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exclusive: "Death of Autotune (D.O.A.)" remix by Ruslan of theBREAX


Just got my hands on this exclusive "Death of Autotune (D.O.A.)" remix (Beat re-created by Jruckers) by Ruslan from theBREAX crew in San Diego.

Like Jay-Z, he's got some harsh words for his peers.

"Christian rappers keep doin' what the world do / then cry when they get called out / that's what little girls do"

"Your lack of respect for the culture makes me laugh / but this won't be the first time God spoke through an ass"

Listen and download here.

For reference, here's the Mark Driscoll interview he appears to have sampled and used as inspiration.

What are your thoughts on this track and its message? Too hard? Too risque'? Not hard enough?


Anonymous said...

funny how you quoted his verse ... and this came just after I read http://www.sphereofhiphop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=33702&hilit=redcloud#p383766

ISOTOPE said...

Hmmm. I like the fact they actually made changes to the track instead of just rapping over it with different words. IMO his harsh words seem all over the place (not too different from JayZ's version actually). I would have preferred it a lil more focused.

I was a lil confused with his line "I boast in my raps, you boast in your theology". Mostly cuz he talks a few times about Christian rappers being too secular. Which one is it? Too secular? or too religious? lol. What do u think?

btw the harsh words didnt really shock me.

Bro. Edwin said...

hmmmmm..i think he was just speaking his mind. I don't think he was too harsh plus if he was speaking from a corrective point of view than i can rock with him. Even though i'm not in favor of using secular beats he did his thing on it.