Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Whole World is a Circus

Well, another day, another artist in a circus outfit.

This time it’s Gotee Records’ John Reuben filling out the red coattails and top hat. The new single and video, “Town Folk,” hit the web on July 14.

You might remember gospel rapper CY’s statements almost a year ago regarding his own “Circus World Event” album and stage show theme.

His “Ringleader” project has been produced and packaged for a while but just received national, in-store servicing through Infinity Distribution this week – the same day as “Town Folk” in fact.

Since then, he’s seen T-Pain, Britney Spears, and now John Reuben adopt a similar concept. Obviously it’s a popular idea.

John Reuben "Town Folk" from Gotee Records on Vimeo.

P.S. I became a JReu fan after his last album when he picked up the Beck-like experimental folk rock instead of the pure hip hop. Still, I feel for my man CY.

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Anonymous said...

Man- Nobody is biting off of him. Tell him get over himself......