Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jay-Z's Honest Hypocrisy

I found this news blurb and link on Relevant Magazine's website and thought of this quote from Jay's "American Gangster" album.

News & photo:

"Here’s a picture of Jay-Z using a Mac. Nothing too out of the ordinary—expect for the fact he was recently featured in a commercial telling how he runs his media empire from an HP laptop."

Lyrics* from Jay's song "Kingdom Come" off the album of the same name:

"Ladies sayin' where you been Superman / well, n---as spending $10 million in media on my hands..."

Hewlett Packard's $10 million at work:

Lyrics from Jay's song "Ignorant S--t" off of the "American Gangster" album:

"Don't fear no rappers / they're all weirdos / DeNiro's in practice / so don't believe everything your earlobe captures / it's mostly backwards / unless it happens to be as accurate as me / and everything said in song you happen to see / none of what you hear / even if it's spat by me"

Hov's also rumored to be launching a digital record label with Apple after stepping down from his post as president of Def Jam last month.


At least he tells the truth about his lying.

*Props to my lil bro Jerome for recalling those words after I mentioned this story to him.


ISOTOPE said...

How do we know he owns the laptop. Is it possible somebody wanted to show him something and it was on their laptop? I'm not defending him or anything but he never claimed that he would never use Macs.

Its not smart to get caught with this pic when HP is using you to sell their product. I know athletes have contracts that penalize them if something like this happens. Maybe no one will evn take this seriously.

Sketch the Journalist said...

Maybe not, but I thought it made for a good post in light of his lyrics.

I imagine there are tons of celebs who don't actually use the products they endorse.

Jay just happens to be bold enough to admit it (kinda) in his rhymes.

Kim said...

I thought it was quite funny myself . . .

Bruh Luuh said...

It used to be against the law to endorse two rival products...

Still funny.

Anonymous said...

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