Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recap: DWYL Tour - Houston


Reach Records' Don't Waste Your Life Tour hit Houston this Friday and since all the world is aTwitter with this mico-blogging stuff, I figured it would be fun (and admittedly easy) to recap the event with my own blue bird blow-by-blow analysis. Bonus and better pics are also included. Enjoy.

NOTE: All photos by Sketch the Journalist


To start, I almost didn't get to attend.

For some reason, I had the date marked on my calendar for Saturday. Then, when I called the church to confirm (since the Reach website said it would be close to capacity) I was asked if I had pre-registered. I hadn't, which meant I wouldn't be making the event.

After Tweeting my frustrations that this hadn't been more publicized or made clear on the web, I got a call from DJ Ovadose. He said he had pre-registered but thought he should better spend his time studying for an upcoming insurance license exam. He wanted me to take his ticket. (More on that later.)

Thankfully the schedule was clear for Friday night as well and I was able to make the drive. Other local CHH figures like dogfight!, Apokalum, Da' Legend, and YungLion (who I heard drove from Lake Charles, LA) weren't as lucky.

On with the Twits:


Headed 2 the H-town Don't Waste Your Life Tour stop. Hope the heat doesn't slay us waiting outside b4 they start. Mobile pic Tweets 2 come. Just handed off @Tedashii a copy of Tha Message Mag w/ my cvr story on him. Brought extras for his moms & family. Mothers like 2 scrapbook.Backstage Sho asked FLAME if he would be his brother for the night. DWYL Tour is in TX now so the rest of the guys all have fam close. Special props 2 @betochas (DJ Ovadose) for getting me in 2 the DWYL Tour. Dude sacrificed his spot for mine. Sound like anyone we know? All of the Much Luvv fam is MIA cuz 1 of the SOM twins is getting married tonight. Good 2 c they already know wifey comes 1st. Reach Records rep announced 13 Letters ciric available to disciple the youth of "Dallas." Loud & long chorus of boos follows. :). Ummm. I think starting off with "Jesus Muzik" in H-town was a wise choice. Sho is slaying w/ lyrics a Capella now. Told me wasn't sure if he'd do Kobe Bryant On Em later. Will be interesting to see Rocket fans react Sho's Kobe song in effect to mixed reaction. You can't front on @kdrama513's beat though. I'm stepping to the back cuz FLAME is about to "Go Buck!" and crowd is packed. RT @TripLee116: Had 2 turn away 400+ @ the door tonight. Encouraged by turnout, saddened more couldn't make it inside. May Christ b exalted! Pic: FLAME reminds 'em to "Hold On!" Pic: @Tedashii telling his hometown that "26 inches is a very low throne!" Love that song - esp for this city. DJ Official appears to be Tweeting from the stage. Anyone got his Twitter name so I can bug him? First notes of @tedashii's "I'm a Believer" excites the crowd. Somebody tell Jigga that Autotune still lives w/ the yunguns in Htown.Pic: Love how they're incorporating those DWYL Tour commercials into the concert. RT @djofficialdj: Trip just did a new song called "9 to 5" off my new album coming out October called "Entermission" on Reach Records. Show stopped to announce parents looking for a kid named Devarious He was lost. Later found. I pray others are too tonight. Pic: @lecrae asks Houston what happens "After the Music Stops" CHH Trend Watch: Scarves seem to be on the way out. Fully faded Mohawks still going hard. Whole crew is out for "Houston, We Have a Problem." I hope the speakers can hold up. Reach & FLAME "Make War." Sho standing on speakers. Crowd worships to "Joyful Noize" DWYL Concert over. Reach cats now getting it in with people who wanna b serious about Jesus. I'm riding home 2 Identity Crisis bought 2nite


While this stop was similar to their previous one (even at the same venue), you can tell the dudes continue to step up their performance and presentation. The songs and acts interchange smoothly and keep the energy flowing.

The overall theme and message is very evident and I'm glad to hear how they're also teaching and reaching local ministries to maintain the momentum once the bus rolls out to the next spot on the schedule.

Given the crowd and turnout, Reach is definitely going to need bigger venues in the future. Or at least a well communicated ticket/pre-registration system so that another 400 plus "don't waste their time" traveling and standing in the heat for an event they can't witness.

(Full disclosure: I got that line from dogfight! He texted it to me as he was driving away with a car full of disappointed kids.)

Be sure to catch the DWYL Tour if it comes anywhere close to your city. Just be sure to call ahead and make sure you can get in.

Although I've interviewed and written about him in the past, this was my first time meeting FLAME.


Donnell said...


I was at the DWYL concert in San Bernardino, CA and it was....BANANAS!!!! My family was truly blessed by the ministry!!!It was hot in the I.E. (Inland Empire) and it was hot in Victory Outreach (the church that serviced the concert...let's just say that Lecrae, Trip, Sho, T-dot and Flame brought the house down...even my wife (who doesn't really like Christian Rap) said she had a great time...

I bought the 13 Letters curriculum - leaders guide and a couple of daughter had an awesome time in the Lord....I just can't understand why they won't come to Los Angeles?

Donnell said...

Let's just say i might go to the next concert in San Diego!!!!

Donnell said...

Let's just say i might go to the next concert in San Diego!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What's with the horn signs by these guys?

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