Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thoughts on Rootbeer's remix album

Fun loving hipster duo Rootbeer (Flynn Adam and Pigeon John) recently posted a six-track remix EP of “Pink Limousine” and “Girlies.”

I enjoyed the full “Pink Limosuine” EP when it dropped a few months ago and always love a fresh take on a familiar song. Add in the facts that two remixes are done by notable Christian hip hop figures Ohmega Watts and Theory Hazit and that this thing (appears to be) FREE and you’ve mos def got my ear.

Here are my thoughts on the reworks:

Pink Limousine (Ohmega Watts Lil’ Havana ’83 Remix)
- Enhanced drums and breaks, but still sounds a little bit like a Track-A-over-Track-B remix.

Pink Limousine (Ugly Zombie Remix)
- Lots of energy and feels like a brand new song. Something you might suspect to hear in an alien night club.

Pink Limousine (Eligh Remix)
- A more emotional, dirge-like interpretation. I can imagine this playing in a tape deck of a pink limousine driving me to a funeral.

Girlies (Theory Hazit Remix)
- Fun and poppy. Gets the toes tapping for sure.

Girlies (Remot Remix)
- Gives the song a soulful, European flavor. The lyrics are cut and chopped like an H-town title, but the samples will make you think you’re sitting in a trendy French cafĂ©.

Girlies (Daedalus Remix)
- This one seems too technical and robotic to me. Its sterile aesthetic robs the great humor of the original.

So obviously, my faves are the “PL Ugly Zombie” and “Eligh” remixes along with the “Girlies Remot” flip.

Listen to clips and download your own copies here.

Cop the first run at either iTunes or

Footnote: On “Pink Limos,” Pigeon John’s lyric is “got no time for silly ducks clucking with the fake looks.” It’s clean y’all!

Wade-O interviews NBA All-Star Allan Houston & DJs Father Knows Best Retreat

It’s not every day you get to chop it up with an NBA All-Star, much less about issues that really matter (like faith and fatherhood), but that’s exactly what DJ Wade-O did recently with former New York Knick Allan Houston.

Over Father’s Day weekend, the current Knicks’ Assistant to the President for Basketball Operations invited DJ Wade-O to provide the soundtrack for the campers’ game night. That evening Wade spun and mixed today’s hottest Christian Hip Hop music and later interviewed Houston for The Wade-O Radio Show.

“The whole weekend was such a blessing to me and my family,” DJ Wade-O said. “Allan, his father [former University of Tennessee men’s basketball head coach], and several other notable pro, college and high school coaches taught the kids drills, Scriptures, and how to be men.”

The retreat has been in existence for six years. Afterwards, Houston Tweeted “Thanks for all the support for this year's FKB. This year and this Father's Day was the best ever!”

Also on upcoming episode #115, the guys from the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour (Trip Lee, Tedashii, Lecrae, FLAME, Sho Baraka, & DJ Official) will drop in for a few pointed questions and major announcements about their future projects as well as update us on how the mobile concert series is going thus far.

In addition to Allan Houston, future interviews are scheduled with rap ministers Papa San and Mr. Del.

Listen here.

For more information on DJ Wade-O and The Wade-O Radio Show please visit

For more information about Allan Houston’s Father Knows Best Basketball Retreat and foundation visit

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Free DLs: 80's-themed CHH mixtapes

If all the Michael Jackson and Transformers talk this week has you feeling nostalgic, be sure to click and download these two 80's-themed Christian hip hop mixtapes.


Cookbook (LA Symphony) just dropped this one via Dude bears his soul and seems to be getting pretty transparent about recent struggles in his life and career.

I'm particularly feeling "Die Hard feat. Playdough & Theory Hazit," "Solid Gold," and "What's Happening Now." CB did most of the production (if I'm not mistaken) and did a good job at grabbing and then reworking some classic sounds from the Reagan era.

Sample and download the album for FREE here.

1. Cylon-tro
2. Andre The Giant
3. Electric Youth
4. Reganomics
5. Ready For The World
6. Molly Ringwald
7. Growing Pains
8. Solid Gold
9. Inner Space
10. Vision Street Wear
11. LOST BOYS (Still Believe)
12. What's Happening Now
13. The Huxtables
14. Die Hard
15. 7up
16. Time Bandits
17. Never Ending Story


You'll also wanna get KJ-52's "Stuck in the 80's" mixtape. He had this as a promo for his "Remix the Remix" campaign and I noticed it was posted to his podcast page a while back.

This one's more of a mashup mixtape (vs. Cookbook's sample based joint) but still very solid. It's crazy how well some of this stuff matches up.

Download here.

1. Intro: The yearbook signing
2. Interlude: Bueller?
3. Do yo thang mashup
4. Interlude: kj52 introduction
5. Stuck in the 80’s mashup
6. Interlude: “Just say no!”
7. Starbucks takes all my money mashup
8. Interlude: Breakfast club trailer
9. What you want? mashup
10. Interlude: “Goonies never say die!”
11. I got it got it mashup
12. Interlude: “I’m a loner dottie…a rebel.”
13. Still come back mashup
14. Interlude: “truffle shuffle..”
15. Pump that mashup
16. Interlude: Kj52 promo
17. Pushup mashup
18. Interlude: “Here’s a little story..”
19. I almost got shot mashup
20. Interlude: “Miami vice”
21. Interlude: “Don’t stop believing..”
22. Outro: “Don’t you forget about me”

Von Won & Tre9's Much Luvv Radio interviews a Christian stripper???

It isn't often you hear from someone that strip dances for Jesus.

However, it happened to Von Won and Tre9 recently when they stumbled across a young lady who took interest in the Much Luvv Radio interview that was going on while she was touring 4930 Studios.

Von Won explains, "She wanted to sit in on the Tre9 radio interview so we let her. When we were done she started telling us how she was interested in doing Christian music and then she hit us with an unexpected twist about her career."

Check out this week's edition of Much Luvv Radio to find out how/if you could profess Jesus as Lord and work in a strip club at the same time.

Listen and download here.

Tre also has a few questions for the listeners he posted over at

  • Does it challenge you to be slow to judge?
  • Does it make you want to judge more?
  • Does it make you sad to hear the confusion or does it make you angry?
  • Are you sympathetic or frustrated with this young lady?
  • What are your feelings after hearing her from beginning to end?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Memories

As the news of Michael Jackson's sudden death broke last night I tried to recall my fondest memories of "The Gloved One." (As opposed to all the freak-show moments of his later life.)

Here's a quick sampling:
You should also check out my girl Danielle Angah's piece: "Rightly Responding Michael Jackson's Death" found over at

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

k-Drama Records Christian MMA Gear Theme


GRITS ain't the only ones getting their game on.

Fresh off his recent concert at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, k-Drama reports via Twitter that he just recorded and released a new theme song for the "Jesus Didn't Tap Out" MMA-themed clothing line.

Visit to hear the track and check the gear.


Vidz: GRITS & TNA's AJ Styles

Apparently the Nashville connection works again, this time in favor of GRITS and TNA's AJ Styles. (The pro 'rasslin' fed is based in Music City, TN and Sting has used Toby Mac's music in the past.)

Here's the clip of those Tennessee Bwoys' song titled "I Am" for the Phenomenal One.

I think the athlete is better than the track, but so be it and congrats to Coff & Bone for expanding their market.

Related: GRITS perform live on TNA's IMPACT! show

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mat Kearney & Flynn Adam = Same video?

This weekend I noticed Mat Kearney's new video for "Closer to Love" on VH1's Top 20 Countdown show and immediately had a flashback to Flynn Adam's "Dishes" clip.

The connections are pretty crazy:

Watch 'em both below and decide for yourself.

VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

Fred Lynch (P.I.D.) interview on the SynCast


The good folks at Syntax Records & bring you a dope interview with Christian hip hop pioneer Fred Lynch of P.I.D.

Preachas In Disguise was the lick back in the day. Solid message and music. "Born with the Gift" was one of my personal faves.

Y'all really need to hear this one and get to KNOW YOUR ROOTS!

Download and listen here.

Also, I understand you can now get their classic works via iTunes through Syntax Distribution. You can also cop hard copies of a lot of old school Christian rap through their online store: Quality

Friday, June 19, 2009

Vidz: Braille "Skepticold"

Braille Brizzy's got a fresh new clip for "Skepticold" from his Cloud Nineteen album. That's the joint he did with S1 and he's giving away for FREE at each show.

I love how he included the shots of the church gig with only a few peeps. I've been to a few of his sets with an audience that small and he still gives it his all (and then rocks a crowded club gig the very next night.) Dude is authentic!

Related: Braille & S1's Houston stop

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new book with Donald Miller


I was trying to keep this under wraps, but I guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag now. I've co-authored a book with one of my favorite writers.

Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching for God Knows What" really had an impact on me.

And y'all know the homie is from Houston, so the last time he swung through Space City we just decided to get together and knock this out.

"Sketch the Journalist added so much critical feedback" Miller said "and added to the text so gracefully that by the time we were done, I felt compelled to let the secret out. Essentially, I had a coauthor."

Read the rest of the press release here.

shai linne & deejay essence need your help

shai linne (whose "Storiez" album was in my top 3 of last year) and deejay essence are requesting your help in raising funds for a missions trip to Ireland. Peep the clip below.

You'll also get a free, exclusive song download if you give. Click here for the details and PayPal link.

Ireland Missions Trip from The Lamp Lounge on Vimeo.

Vidz: KJ-52 & DJ X rock the biz set

Tweezy and DJ X rocked the suit and tie crowd this week at one of the Get Motivated business seminars.

Peep the performance vid below and then DJ X's tour of their trek to the venue and dressing rooms.

Vidz: Taylor Swift & T-Pain "Thug Story"

My buddy JT has been telling me for a while that Taylor Swift is all over the radio - from the country spot to pop to adult contemporary and those stations that only seem to play in office cubicles, so this type of collab was probably inevitable.

Hilarious as all get out too. Props to DJ X for putting me on to this.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vidz: "Time to Work" - Hip Hop Hope UK Tour

Gifted checkin' the time with Big Ben

Tre9, Easop, Gifted, Von Won, Chase, and Yunek are all back from the Hip Hop Hope UK Tour and are sharing a new song and video they recorded just for this trip.

The video is made up of highlights from the tour that included concerts, speaking engagements in public schools, and the like.

Enjoy the clip and read more about this trip on Tre's Hip Hop Missionary blog.

theBREAX Restocked 1.5


theBREAX have released a 1.5 version of their Restocked album on iTunes today.

A few notes on this enhanced version:
  • Five new songs
  • Remastered music
  • Those who bought the Hybrid DVD and decide to buy the full version of the digital album will get a $10 discount to theBREAX new online store which features exclusive clothing that up to this point could only be purchased at live concerts.
  • An album release concert this Friday, June 19th at theMovement in San Marcos, Ca

You can read my review of the hybrid DVD version here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Big R "Rated R" by Mark Miller

It is my honor to present to you the second review from Mark Miller. Mark is a recent high school grad (preparing for college at Texas A&M) who is getting his feet wet in the world of Christian hip hop writing.

Mark's first piece was a review of the Music Unlocked mixtape you can read here.

So, without any further adieu, here are Mark's thoughts on Big R's "Rated R."


Please do not be alarmed when you pick up Big R’s album “Rated R” and think the content has any relation to the title. The material on this disc is anything but “For Restricted Audiences Only.”

This newest member of the GodChaserz Entertainment family has come out with a sophomore album blazing with raw passion and production from Brinson of GCE and Tony Stone (among others.)

The atmosphere of the project is that of a man itching to give a message to his listeners. Big R is so forceful through all of his lyrics that from the instant the play button is pressed, the listener knows R has something he wants them to hear.

On various tracks he gives an account of how, during certain parts of his life, many people (including his wife) ridiculed him for his faith. A message like this allows the album to be relatable to many believers’ walks with Christ. The beautiful thing is that in the same breath he professes he will continue to keep his gaze on the Lord and shake the dust off of his Timberlands.

Each track, whether it has a tender feel or if it is just an outright banger, is street to the core. Every beat knocks just as hard as the previous one throughout “Rated R.” Big R has a slightly raspy voice and generally flows at an unhurried pace, giving the album just the right amount of swagger that a Christian performer should carry.

At first it sounds like Big R has a habit of boasting in his lyrics and then mentioning something religious right after. It’s a dichotomy that may initially give his church-going fans pause, but after paying closer attention, listeners should realize Big R is only boasting in his victory of salvation through Christ while acknowledging that he has no reason to exalt himself.

“I Wanna Win” is not talking about winning in the rap game or hustling, but winning salvation. In the middle of the track, R takes the opportunity to say that if you have been saved in the blood of Jesus then you have already won.

One of the hardest hitting songs on the project is the track “Rated R.” It gives an explanation of the title of the album, which is that the radio classified Big R’s music as “Restricted” in the past. It seems that he has used this to fuel the fire of his drive to represent Christ through his musical talents.

Contrary to everything mentioned up to this point, there are a few tracks that are a little on the softhearted side. “Love You Better” is a passionate song from R to his faithful God. In it he gives thanks to Jesus for staying by him through everything and never forsaking him even when Big R was not necessarily doing God’s will in his life.

It is also important to note that at the end of the album, Big R talks to the listener and explains what it means to be born again and how to do that. He then explains the steps new believers need to follow to grow their new faith and even gives out his cell number as a support line for his listeners.

The album grew on me as I listened to it. Big R has a very sophisticated, mature flow that is complimented with his spiritual maturity. Motivation in the faith is the main theme of “Rated R” as well as finding one’s strength in Christ.

The production and sound quality is very well done and is another reminder that holy hip hop continues to prove it is on the same playing field as its secular counterpart.

S.O.U.L. Mag has subscriptions & free music

Urban D's S.O.U.L. Magazine is finally offering home subscriptions.

I've written for them in the past, have a few stories in the next issue (look for my history of piece), and ask that you support quality Christian hip hop journalism.

The mag always looks stellar and provides a great amount of content. They're also giving away free music with each issue.

More details here.

Free DL: Mixx-n-Match Vol. 1


I've been jammin' this mixtape for a minute and been meaning to let y'all know the deal.

DJ Sam Smite is nice! Born and raised in Queens, NY dude is currently based in Huntsville, AL. He's got a battle DJ background and can brag about being USA DMC Finalist.

There's an nice selection of up-tempo gospel R&P on this joint with names like Canton Jones, Big Al, Mary Mary, and J.R. filling out the tracklist. Everything is presented with a smooth blend, Smite's signature race car whoosh sound, and no yelling!

This is Smite's first mixtape this side of the cross so support your boy and pick up a copy with a free download right here.

And if you wanna holla at him to get on the next tape or to rip it on your tour, ping him at:

Holy Tweets

The Stuff Christians Like blog has a great entry about how we can (and often) try to make our Tweets sound more holy than we really are. I know I'm guilty sometimes.

Heads up: This site is full of satire and humor. Laugh a little.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Houston's main Christian radio station drops web streaming due to licensing issues

Media blogger Mike McGuff tipped me to the news that Houston's main Christian radio station (and one that appears to be known nationwide) has dropped its web stream due to licensing issues.

Here's a link to McGuff's report and more details from 89.3 KSBJ.

I have to admit, I rarely listen to the station since it doesn't cater to my preferred genre of inspirational music. However, I know many who do and say they have been blessed by their service (including my mom.)

If nothing else, this is yet another reason to tune into the great streaming Christian hip hop shows at and other locations.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Better beard: Brinson or Billy Mays?


So, I was watching "Pitchmen" on the Discovery Channel this eve and had a thought:

Who has the better beard?

Brinson (GodChaserz Entertainment)


Billy Mays (OxiClean all your favorite infomercials)

You decide!

Me? I like Brinson and the GCE fam, but I gotta give the edge to Mays. Dude is so gangsta!

New Knine music?


New music from Knine?

I hear the dog will be dropping an album or mixtape by summer's end.

Could it be on the GodChaserz Entertainment label as rumored?

I'll letcha know as soon as I know.

Leak: "Green as Luigi" by Applejaxx

The always innovative Applejaxx has leaked a new track from his next record (which will NOT be named "Born Identity") that recalls Mario's taller brother.

Here's what Jaxx has to say about "Green as Luigi."
The context of this song is inspired by James 1:22-23 which says people should be doers of the word and not "hearers" only. The song is about following the directions from the Lord, being progressive, walking and not just talking, being active - not stagnant and remaining creative in whatever field you are in.

Listen and download here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tre9 blogs Hip Hop Hope UK Missions Tour


Tre9, Gifted, Yunek, Von Won, and Easop are in Rotherham, England this week for a mission trip. This is his third year there and this time around he's blogging about the trip so you can read, watch, and pray along.

Keep up with it all (journals, photos, videos) right 'chere. tee-shirts for sale


I've got mine. Do you have yours?

Order here.

Hasn't AutoTune already been buried?


Over the weekend, Jay-Z rocked the web with his new track "D.O.A. (Death of AutoTune)."

I'm all for giving the robot the heave-ho, but haven't we already heard this before?

Peep R-Swift's "R.I.P. AutoTune" on his MySpace page.

I wonder if cats will listen now that Jay's talking?

I've also got to pass along a couple of dope lines my man Zee (co-owner of Tweeted this weekend.

Jay-Z's "D.O.A." track? Overrated. Great methaphors, but c'mon... he only rappin' about the death of a plugin, people.

If I was a so-called "great emcee" like Jay-Z, would that be the greatest msg I had to give? Death of a plugin???

How about death, burial and resurrection? Get on that and then you'll have my listening ear... sigh...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's with all the hand signs?

I've noticed a trend in Christian hip hop promo images lately. Apparently we all need more focus.

Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s next album cover

KJ-52 promo image

Also used for Tha Message Mag with my cover story on Tweezy

116 Clique's Thi'sl promo image

As seen in the enhanced mp3 version of The Wade-O Radio Show with Thi'sl's interview

Friday, June 5, 2009

Von Won's Reel Talk TV premiere


Von Won let me know that the first episode of his Reel Talk TV will air this weekend. H-town's Lil Keke is on the premiere along with Yunek, Gifted, STC, and Big Al.

Here are the details:

Channel 55 - The Tube (will also be on soon)
Saturday, June 6 - 1am

Von tells me he'll feature interviews and Christian rap music videos. It's an over-the-air network so prisons and families without cable access will be able to get a much more positive alternative to the HOT TV mainstream rap show that airs just before it. And at the end of each episode, Von says there will be an invitation for viewers to give their lives to Christ.

This weekly show could use your support. Please view, pray, and consider giving to Reel Talk TV.

Contact REELTALKWORLDWIDE@GMAIL.COM for more details.

Unfortunately, Von will miss his own debut as he's on the U.K. missions tour with Tre9 and team. But that's what DVRs are for, right?

Also, be sure to check in next week to see S.O.M.'s video for "You Don't Know Me Like That" in which I have a cameo.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kobe Bryant On 'Em - West Coast Remix

If "----- ----- On 'Em" remix fatigue hasn't hit you yet then you might enjoy this West Coast All-Star version featuring:

Shames Worthy




"The Classic" Peace 586

Listen and/or download here just in time for tonight's game.

BTW, I do not endorse the photo above or the unspeakable Mr. B. You know what he did to my Houston Rockets - therefore I'll be cheering for Orlando and D12. (Still, he DID get kind posterized up there didn't he?)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Free DL: KJ-52 Video Mixtape

Always on the cutting edge of technology, I just peeked in on KJ-52's webcast and found out he's got a brand new video mixtape up for a FREE download.

Oh man! Some gems on here - especially the CruVention stuff from Ministerz of the Underground television show probably only those of us in H-town have seen. Bet y'all didn't know Tweezy could battle eh?


1. Freestyle: Tampa Fl. (1999)
2. Battle: kj vs. Titanium (2002)
3. Battle: kj vs. Pac (2002)
4. Freestyle: Tampa Fl. cont. (1999)
5. Battle: kj vs. Cobain pt. 1 (2002)
6. Freestyle: live 3 topic freestyle: Not of this world (2007)
7. Battle: kj vs. Cobain pt. 2 (2002)
8. Freestyle: live 3 topic freestyle: Converse shoes (2007)
9. Battle: kj vs. Cobain pt. 3 (2002)
10. Freestyle: live 3 topic freestyle: Cellphone (2007)
11. Battle: kj vs. Chocolate (2002)
12. Freestyle: backstage dove award freestyle (2007)
13. VH1 40 least hip hop moments/Washed up (2005)
14. Freestyle: Creation fest (2004)

Download it here.

And look for his "52 Television" album to drop in September. The actual show should be hitting TVU soon as well.

Update (06/05/09): KJ has the first 10 minutes up on YouTube for those of you who cannot (or are too lazy to download.)