Saturday, June 27, 2009

Von Won & Tre9's Much Luvv Radio interviews a Christian stripper???

It isn't often you hear from someone that strip dances for Jesus.

However, it happened to Von Won and Tre9 recently when they stumbled across a young lady who took interest in the Much Luvv Radio interview that was going on while she was touring 4930 Studios.

Von Won explains, "She wanted to sit in on the Tre9 radio interview so we let her. When we were done she started telling us how she was interested in doing Christian music and then she hit us with an unexpected twist about her career."

Check out this week's edition of Much Luvv Radio to find out how/if you could profess Jesus as Lord and work in a strip club at the same time.

Listen and download here.

Tre also has a few questions for the listeners he posted over at

  • Does it challenge you to be slow to judge?
  • Does it make you want to judge more?
  • Does it make you sad to hear the confusion or does it make you angry?
  • Are you sympathetic or frustrated with this young lady?
  • What are your feelings after hearing her from beginning to end?

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