Thursday, November 29, 2012

VIDEO: Sho Baraka “disses” fellow High Society member Swoope

In this clip I captured at Lecrae’s Gravity release concert in Houston, Sho Baraka calls out his High Society group member Swoope.

As you can tell when he pops into the frame with his “Come on, son!” face, Swoope didn’t feel too threatened. Also, that’s Collision Records co-owner Mike Luna on Sho’s right.

NOTE: Don’t believe everything you see and read on the Internet. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The new Social Club album, “Misfits,” sounds like…


The new Social Club album, Misfits, sounds like:
  • A spaceship landed at your junior high school in Miami, it’s the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and you showed up without a date.
  • Members of Odd Future and Maybach Music Group reading you bed time stories.
  • A pull-string baby Moses doll who wears sunglasses at night.
  • The music coming out of a teenager’s Skullcandy ear buds when his older sister forces him to accompany her down the feminine hygiene product aisle at Walmart.
  • Your youth pastor’s ringtone.
  • The heartbeat of the kid who has to save up money to buy one “cool” shirt at Hot Topic he prays doesn’t go out of style before he can wear it.
  • A hip hop album made by Veggie Tales characters who need a throat lozenge after trying to discuss their set list in a loud nightclub.
  • Ke$ha and Andre 3000’s submission to your church talent show.
  • Hip hop music your mom doesn’t like but hopes “has really good words.”
Interested? Download a free copy of the project here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

INTERVIEW: Author Seth Tower Hurd talks about “Hip Hop & Jr. College”, poverty, racism, and Christians

The night before the Thanksgiving holiday I conducted my first Google Hangout interview with former Christian radio personality/current author Seth Tower Hurd about his new book Hip Hop & Jr. College.

In our conversation below, we get into:

- The background of the book
- The hip hop EP he organized to promote the it
  • Which contains songs from Manchild of Mars Ill, Wit & Dre Murray, theBREAX & DJ Wade-O, and Heath McNease
  • Which you download for FREE here
- How Christians deal with racism and poverty in America
- How hip hop and sports can start to help heal those type of issues
- Whether or not our country is more or less racist after electing a black President

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you can grab Hip Hop and Jr. College from Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $2.99.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

INTERVIEW: Brinson on “No Other Heroes” and what to think when God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers


I recently caught up with GodChaserz Entertainment CEO/producer/rapper Brinson via e-mail to discuss his new album, what to think when God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers, and which film made the best superhero movie this summer.

Sketch: No Other Heroes marks your third solo album and 22nd release from the GodChaserz record label you founded and own.

After so much time and effort spent in music ministry, I imagine that things can occasionally get boring, frustrating, or just routine. So what motivates you to press on and move forward these days?

Brinson: A couple of things really.

First and foremost, I believe I am called to do GodChaserz. If I didn’t believe God sent me to do this I would have quit a million times.

The second reason is all the testimonies, they really help me stick it out in the hard times. That being said, I quit at least 20 times while making NOH. Then the Lord would have people from all over the country send me emails, texts, tweets about how my music has impacted their kids, youth ministry, or changed the culture of their church, etc. That is one of the biggest things.

Also, I think I have had that “I’m being slept on” mentality for so long that I still work extra hard like I have something to prove. Every album it feels like I (or any of the guys on the label) have to reprove that GodChaserz is a force in Christian Hip Hop.

Other than that, I’m still having fun. I love to be on stage, I love meeting people. And I want to make sure I’m clearing a path for other GodChaserz artists.

Sketch: Your song “Gold” unfolds a pretty interesting story. What inspired it?

Brinson: I was inspired by watching numerous artist on TV. We see the same story all the time. From KC and Jo Jo, to the late, great Whitney Houston – the list goes on and on. They all come up in church, God gives them a gift, then they leave the church and blow up. Drugs and all sorts of crazy things come into play when money is involved. It always leads to emptiness.


Sketch: Your song “Hit the Floor” is a bit of a departure from your typical sound but may be my favorite track on the album. What made you want to spazz out on the song and in the video?

Brinson: On every album I always have some sort of hybrid song (ex. “Green Grass Theory,” “80/20″, “Hello”). This time around it’s “Hit the Floor.” I’m big on pushing the envelope with fusing styles on my albums.

As far as spazzing out, while Juice2020 (co-producer) and I were going over the project, we kept pushing hard for lyrics, harder lyrics. I just had fun with “Hit the Floor” and it came out great. I never thought it would be the first video but God brought it all together; the concept, look, everything. I think everyone is going to enjoy this one.

Sketch: You attempted to fund the production and promotion of this album using the popular crowd-sourcing site With it you set, but did not reach, a goal of $50,000. What made you post such a lofty target figure and what does it say about faith and God’s willingness to financially bless or not bless your work here?

Brinson: Man Sketch…. this is a hard thing to talk about.

I wasn’t going to do it at all. As you know, I’ve been doing this for so long without any big label push behind me. I’ve been relying on favor and faith in God’s provision. Many doors have opened that way, so I was just going to stick to the formula.

But I know the message has to reach more people. So I prayed on it and believed the Lord said “Go.” I still fought with it too. But, I know an obedient and willing heart will always win with the Lord. So I stepped out on faith and went for it.

We didn’t reach our goal, and naturally a man will question if he obeyed God. The “Where did I go wrong?” question came up. Ultimately, I just chalk it up to God having a greater purpose, maybe to just kill my pride of not wanting to ask for help.

I set the target so high because I know what good can be done with that amount of money. I could reach more people – especially orphans and kids in group homes. As far as God’s willingness to bless, I still believe He’ll do it. God is able.

Would I do it again? Probably not. But, if I feel the Lord is saying do it, I’m not dumb enough to tell God “No”. Those things never work out.

Sketch: Since the new album is called No Other Heroes and I know you’re a film fan which made the better movie this summer: The Avengers, The Dark Knight Returns, or the Spiderman reboot? Why?

Brinson: The Dark Knight Returns was the best movie of this year – hands down. It was more than a comic book movie, it had everything: suspense, great acting, a plot twist, drama, great fights, shoot’em up, bang bang… it was a great story all around. I thought the acting was at a high level. They nailed every scene. I had to go back and watch The Dark Knight. So yeah, Dark Knight Returns.

The Avengers was a close second. It was a GREAT comic book action movie. Robert Downey Jr. really did a great job acting. He was very impressive, better than all of his Iron Man movies.(I thought Iron Man 2 was horrible.) The dude who played the Hulk was great. I really like him. I appreciated that Samuel L. Jackson didn’t ruin the movie. He isn’t good in sci-fi movies.

Spiderman was an epic fail. I thought the story told was good, but the dude who replaced Toby Mcguire was thumbs down. But hey, you can’t win ‘em all Hollywood.

That was a great question man. You know I’m a big movie buff. I’ve seen at least 20 movies in the theater this year. SMH I need to repent, LOL.


Sketch: What song(s) have you’ve made that you think got overlooked, but you thought it was special?

Brinson: On my first album it would be a song called I Remember.” I thought it was a great song. We talked about so many things about the 80′s (toys, candy, TV shows etc). It was overshadowed by “Solar Powered” that was a big song.

Then on OMG i would say it would be “Breaking Down.” It was a great storytelling/fantasy song. I think my flow and voice tone was great and the third verse was very good.

No Other Heroes releases today at all major digital download stores including iTunes and

INTERVIEW: Will The Ambassador be more preachy or less preachy on his next album?

  When the MOVE Tour hit Houston a few months ago I got to sit down with The Ambassador and talk about his approach to music.

Now that Xist Records has announced the date of the still-untitled release (March 26, 2013) it’s a good time to share this part of our conversation where he discusses whether or not he plans to be more preachy or less preachy on that upcoming project.