Thursday, May 29, 2008

Review: "When theBREAX Sold Out!"

The good people at have published my review of theBREAX's latest.

Read it here.

I gave it a 5 out of 5. However, Illspot does ratings by committee. The writer gives it his rating and then three or four other people listen and give it their rating and they average it out.

So they actually LOWERED the overall score on the site. But if you read my words I think you'll see how much I liked the project.

Buy your copy here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Holy Hip Hop Hoopz (05/23/08)


This weekend Von Won’s “Real Talk Ministries” held its first Holy Hip Hop Hoopz game at Faith Assembly of God in Pasadena, TX. Dozens of local gospel rappers laced up the kicks, donned a black or white tee (no shirts vs. skinz with ladies in the audience and on the court), and got their game on.

In between (and even during) quarters, artists took the stage for quick-hit single performances and a soundman spun additional Christian rap jams. It was a great time for H-town’s HHH community to build relationships with each other outside of music and engage in some friendly athletic competition. More details below.


Representing the Black Tee Team:
• Chizzle (Soldiers On a Mission)
• Gifted (Bound 4 Glory Records)
• Mukes (Bound 4 Glory Records)
• Sypreme
• Young Disciple
• Twin (Soldiers On a Mission)
• Minister Max
• Yunek
• Richard Hollis
• Boyce (Soldiers On a Mission)


And sporting the White Tees:
• Tre9 (Much Luvv Records)
• Jeff (Soldiers On a Mission)
• Von Won (Much Luvv Records)
• Testimony
• Prozpera”D” (Bound 4 Glory Records)
• ColCutz (Much Luvv Records)
• Manifest
• Corey da Child of Christ
• Yung Annointed (Bound 4 Glory Records)
• DruZu


Gifted running pre-game lay-ups.


Jeff tellin’ me the White team is gonna win.


The sound man played the classic Chicago Bulls theme for the intro and later spun stuff from FLAME, Tre9, Lecrae, Von Won, SOM, and some bad “mixtape” remakes.


Testimony goes for a three pointer.


A new cat I just met that night named Fisher Of Men had a quick set between quarters.


Tre9 in the low post about to throw bows. He might’ve been the only white dude on the court, but he did have a height advantage over most.


Twin tries to get “And 1.”


Young Disciple did the half time show. As the sweat might indicate, dude came right off the court and onto the stage. He also had a breakaway dunk during the game (and got rejected by the rim on another one later - but I can’t say nuthin’ with my limited hops.)

Here’s the quarter by quarter scoring breakdown through three:

White: 25
Black: 17

White: 32
Black: 31

White: 44
Black: 47


Trailing slightly, the White Tee team regroups.

But alas, like the Houston Rockets, the White Team couldn’t close out the 4th quarter and ended up losing by ten (W: 57 B: 67).


Black Tees celebrate.

At the end of the night, Richard Hollis performed his R&B cut “Jesus Saves” and Von Won gave a quick altar call / group “Sinnners Prayer” recitation.


After that, we all retreated to the church school cafeteria for some Cokes and pizza.

Faces in the crowd included: The Pauls (Holy Hip Hop’s Most Supportive Family), the rest of the Bound 4 Glory Team, Still Trill Christians, and DJs Wiz and Revelation from Gospel 92.1 FM.

I know Real Talk Ministries has been having these 4th Fridays Fellowships and Bible studies for a while now and, sad to say, this was the first one I was able to attend. (In fairness, I DOES take me over an hour to hit that side of town from my crib.)

But I hope to be able to hit more of them in the future and am once again encouraged by the unity shown between gospel rappers in this city and really like that we’re getting to know one another outside of a concert setting.

Updates: Procussions re-group / Pigeon John's Relevant Mag Party Performance


A while back I told you that The Procussions had disbanded. Guess they're back at it again.

Here's the update from Mr. J's MySpace bulletin earlier this week:

The Procussions bout to do another album, Just a tiny note, pass it around! for a ton of reasons we had to split, for a ton more reasons we wana do another album Mr.J.Medeiros (me) and Stro the 89th Key got our solo albums coming out this summer! If you pick these up, they will help to fund the new album!

As of right now we plan on doing this straight, straight, independent, not a c.d. goes out without us signing it and personally putting it in the mail box, this means no stores, no mp3s, just hard raw material for the people who support music they advertising, just word of mouth, and every dime comes out of our own pocket,once we got enough money to eat, then we record the next album!

this will be 100% fan supported music!no more middle man at any level! tired of answering to those fools anyway.i mean really? how do the people who dont even listen to music, control it?shout out to the album burners! music rippers! keep that for the majors, dont screw the family, the personal, the independent one on one musician just trying to live out their career with dignity! we got no room for those people this time around.if you dont have a hard copy, (or if we decide a download) then you aint really in the movement, nah mean?

for the people who never played the bench, THANK YOU for supporting life! we got so much love for you!!!! we would not be able to survive!The Procussions, Mr.J.Medeiros, and Stro the 89th Key, nuff of this hip, quick, culture vulture, take and leave..only concrete movements here.

And remember the "Best Live Show Ever?!?" now we've got video. Check it out below.

Other performances:

The Source mag covers Braille

Syntax Records scored another placement in The Source magazine (formerly known as the "Bible" of hip hop journalism). First it was a review for LA Symphony, then a write-up of RedCloud, and now a write-up and review of Braille's "IV Edition."

Although the mag ain't what it once was, it's still good pub if you can get it.


This is the June 08 issue with a double cover of N.E.R.D. or Gnarls Barkley.


Check out the short bio write-up on page 35.
Click here for a larger image.


Then peep the 3.5 mic critique of the album on page 87.
Click here for a larger image.

And heads up that this is their "swimsuit" issue and has all the typical booty video ads in the back. Prolly not one you'll wanna to bring to church with you next Sunday....

Arrivals: New Bus Shop & DJ Wade-O's son

Lots and lots of news and posts to catch up on this Memorial Day weekend so stick with me:

Two New Arrivals:


#1 - The brand new Bus Shop debuted this week. You've always known this is the spot where you "buy heat", but up until now it was always in the form of shiny discs.

Now - you can get your download on for the universally-friendly $0.99 per track.

Anyone that knows Bus knows this man is a great giver and supporter of Christian rap. So stop by, BUY, and show some love.

#2 - DJ Wade-O is a daddy. Nathan Josiah Harris is now with us. Send your boy some congrats and wish he and Mommy some sleep - they'll need it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recap: KJ-52 - Fellowship of the Woodlands (05/16/08)

I was working at home yesterday and got a text message telling me to call KJ-52. Turns out he was in town on the "Cross The Line" tour with Superchic[K] and some other cats and wanted to invite me out. What a pleasant surprise.

So when Kim got home we headed to the Fellowship of the Woodlands church (not too far from our house) and got a little backstage treatment.

89.3 KSBJ sponsored the event and drew a good crowd of a 1,000 or more. We arrived just as KJ, DJ X, and drummer Jamie were finishing up a Bible study. Kim and I joined them for the wrap up prayer and then hung out with KJ in the backstage lounge before he went on.

Dude rocked a 20-25 minute set and had 'em all pumping their fists. Photos and more details below.

KJ sported a sweet Transformers running jacket that glowed in the dark. Even the dudes from the rock band Disciple were giving him props.

Lights down, hands up.

Jamie and X kept playing 80's jams in the background of KJ's speech so he told them to hit the bricks (More on that later.) The walkout didn't last long though as they turned right around with smiles on their faces and went into hits from "The Yearbook."

"Push up the 5 / push up the 2 / but it ain't about me / it's about You"

As is tradition, KJ played "Stump the Rapper" by having DJ X take up three random items from the crowd that he would freestyle into a song. This shot is at the end where he's wearing some girl's pink bandana, holding a water bottle, and preparing to put one of KSBJ's "Dios Escucha" bumper stickers on his shirt.


Other notes:
  • Kim and I discovered that the brick wall we've seen on stage at FOTW is indeed fake and made of styrofoam. We also witnessed a near catasrophe when said wall was accidentally bumped by one of the guys from Disciple and nearly toppled over. Thankfully some stage hands were able to remedy the situation with some nearby cardboard and helped us avoid what would have been a very embarrassing moment as KJ's on-stage guests.
  • Yes, KJ performs his unescapable "Mountain Dew" song at every show. It's perhaps his silliest, yet most requested, song. At least he's put the "Planet Rock" beat underneath it now to make it a little more bearable.
  • My man has found a goldmind in the 80's slit shades he sells at the merch table. Dude's got 'em in all different colors and the kids love 'em. Thank you Kanye.
  • During the freestyle session, KJ took off his shoe and then sock and threatened to rub it in some kid's face. The boy nearly ran under the stage (really, who wants KJ's sweaty sock in their grill?) and when KJ's set was done he forgot the sock. Unfortunately that was right at the same time as the transitional WorldVision pitch so KJ had to stand off stage with one Nike and one barefoot for about 10 minutes until it was over.
  • KJ is definitely a cat other Christian rappers can look at as a role model. He's committed, he understands his market like none other, and he's willing to give back to his fans and peers through things like the 52 Academy, his weekly podcast, and through his 52 Television channel on YouTube. If he's in your area you need to go check him out. Even if you don't cut for all his music, there's undoubtedly something you can learn from him.
I was lazy with the camera last night and failed to get any shots of KJ and the band backstage or with Kim and me so this shot from his last trip to town will have to do.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can I Kick It?

Calling all sneakerheads. I just found out that one of the hosts (O'Diggity) of the dope Corelink Radio Show owns and operates this fly gear and airbrush shop in Philly.

Granted, it doesn't really fit my personal style (I just don't run with the flash) but I respect the art.

Check out more selections and info at the Select Clientele site.

And be sure to plug into the Corelink Radio Show for a great mix of Christian rap and topical discussion with Trig and O'Diggity.

This week's show should feature the interview Trig conducted with Tre9 and me about the upcoming All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards so be sure you subscribe to them through iTunes if you haven't already.

Slim Thug & Trae do a free prison show

Photo by Isiah Carey

Anyone else catch this on TV last night? I did and was impressed.

Check out the video here.

Of course we know that guys like Tre9, Gifted, and other Christian rappers do this more frequently and with better messages, but I gotta give these boys credit for doing SOMETHING.

Tre9 and I had a chance to interview Slim last year for our documentary called "The Fence" and specifically asked if he did any kind of outreach or community service. I'm glad to see that he is and that Fox 26 covered it.

I seem to remember Jesus saying some things about this too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Free DL: DJ Wade-O & Oppose mixtape

Photo provided by DJ Wade-O

DJ Wade-O and the O-P-P / O-S-E (in reverse order in the photo above) wanna bless you with some FREE heat.

Cop the new "The Essentials: Powerhouse Part 1" mixtape here.
(It dropped yesterday, May 13th.)

I got to listen to it during my morning commute today and particularly enjoyed the Samson inspired track called "What If?"

Wade gives it an authentic feel with cuts, callbacks, and crazy DJ shoutouts. It's got some old and new stuff along with some typical mixtape blasts over other people's beats.

Download and blaze it now and rip a copy for the homie you see on the block that needs some good music in his ears.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Videos: Tre9 in England / Syntax PB&J Party

New vids for your viewing pleasure.

Numero Uno:

My man Tre9 has been in Rotherham, England for the last two weeks doing some mission work and e-mailed me links to this clip taken at a show by a kid with a cellphone camera. It ain't kind of stage and sound you'll get at this year's All Eyes On Me Awards, but it'll do.

Check out the new beat behind "Put Your Hands Up" (I think this is the third or fourth track I've heard under these lyrics) and Mark J getting jiggy in the background.

Numero Dos:

Honestly, I've never been one to cut for PB&J, but I might've had to down a sloppy sandwich or two at the Syntax Records Peanut Butter & Jelly Party had I made it up to Ca$hville, TN during GMA Week. Here's a recap.

These boys from Sackcloth crack me up.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Promo: Fund Raising Albums

Good cause + good music = Stuff you need to support


"Last Call" by Fab da Eclectic
(Benefitting the operating expenses)

Buy it here for just $5.99

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but it looks like a decent 18 track line-up.


deepspace5 - Bake Sale
(Benefitting the next ds5 album)

The art-house crew is trying to record another banger without a big label or budget and need your help. Instead of selling cookies to raise the dough (a reverse of the traditional method), they're slinging a limited edition disc.

Read more and order it here.