Monday, May 26, 2008

Updates: Procussions re-group / Pigeon John's Relevant Mag Party Performance


A while back I told you that The Procussions had disbanded. Guess they're back at it again.

Here's the update from Mr. J's MySpace bulletin earlier this week:

The Procussions bout to do another album, Just a tiny note, pass it around! for a ton of reasons we had to split, for a ton more reasons we wana do another album Mr.J.Medeiros (me) and Stro the 89th Key got our solo albums coming out this summer! If you pick these up, they will help to fund the new album!

As of right now we plan on doing this straight, straight, independent, not a c.d. goes out without us signing it and personally putting it in the mail box, this means no stores, no mp3s, just hard raw material for the people who support music they advertising, just word of mouth, and every dime comes out of our own pocket,once we got enough money to eat, then we record the next album!

this will be 100% fan supported music!no more middle man at any level! tired of answering to those fools anyway.i mean really? how do the people who dont even listen to music, control it?shout out to the album burners! music rippers! keep that for the majors, dont screw the family, the personal, the independent one on one musician just trying to live out their career with dignity! we got no room for those people this time around.if you dont have a hard copy, (or if we decide a download) then you aint really in the movement, nah mean?

for the people who never played the bench, THANK YOU for supporting life! we got so much love for you!!!! we would not be able to survive!The Procussions, Mr.J.Medeiros, and Stro the 89th Key, nuff of this hip, quick, culture vulture, take and leave..only concrete movements here.

And remember the "Best Live Show Ever?!?" now we've got video. Check it out below.

Other performances:

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