Thursday, April 8, 2010

RedCloud torches CHH with "Evandalism"

RedCloud freestyling at the All Eyes On Me kickoff party (Houston, TX 2008)
Photo by Sketch the Journalist

"Evandalism," RedCloud’s firebomb diss track, hit YouTube on Good Friday. In it, he vents about his break up with his former label and his disappointment with many of spiritual leaders within whom he had placed some trust.

His harshest words, however, were reserved for his former friends at Syntax Records and a lengthy checklist of well known Christian MCs and musicians.

In the song, Cloud speaks in graphic detail about what he says are the hidden sins in the lives of each of these individuals – most likely in an attempt to justify his own actions and the negative reaction people have had to his, now public, view about the use of marijuana.

What’s obvious in this track is that he is hurting. The lyrics are laid over Diddy’s “Dirty Money” beat and the original hook lines of “love don’t live here no more” and “I need someone to trust” that bleed through are haunting. Cloud also screams out “Lord, deliver me from your followers” and “Somebody feel my pain!”

His pain is indeed felt. And thankfully, after several individuals reached out to him, Cloud removed the clip from the net the next day.

Still, a lot of damage was already done. I’ll have some commentary on this issue with Wade-O on episode #153 of The Wade-O Radio Show.

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