Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update: CHH Kite Program - Coverage & Tips


Good news, our Christian Hip Hop Kites Program was featured on the front page of the Houston Chronicle's website last night. (See image above.)

I also thought it would be helpful to pass along the following information and resource links to help you maximize your safety and ministry impact of any correspondence you might decide to send.


This is a GREAT way to minister and can be very effective, however, please remain cautious when corresponding with inmates. Providing personal information about yourself, such as your full name, physical address, telephone number, date of birth, etc., may fall into the hands of someone it was not meant for and could have ill effects.

County, State or Federal Facilities will not deliver items which are considered to be contraband. For specific information regarding what contraband is, contact the unit where the inmate resides and ask for this information.

Ministry and safety guidelines

Texas Department of Corrections guidelines

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