Saturday, April 17, 2010

RedCloud's "Evandalism" excuse doesn't hold

Last week I posted about RedCloud’s cutting “Evandalism” track and its impact. On April 9 posted an audio interview of Cloud by DJ Will in which his main explanation for the song was that he was simply in "battle mode" and that he had greatly exaggerated the claims about his verbal targets.

Now Cloud, I love you and I’d never wanna battle you – because I know you’d mos def drink my milkshake – but I can’t accept this line of logic and defense.

Come on bruh, a battle rap involves two or more willing participants. They know what they’re getting into.

It’s the same with a boxing or MMA match. Dudes get in the ring or cage prepared to fight and are usually even wearing protective gear like gloves and pads. They take punches and kicks, but because it’s an intentionally engaged battle, it’s all good.

But if one of those same fighters were on the street and simply walked up and threw a haymaker at an unsuspecting bystander it would be considered an assault, right?

Unfortunately, that’s what I think happened here. As such, there are going to be consequences and ramifications for those actions.

That doesn’t mean we don’t hear your pain and aren’t praying for you homie. But as far as this explanation, I simply can’t ride in agreement with you on it.

To hear RedCloud’s full interview with more explanation and expression – including his views on the use of marijuana, visit



I'm trying to figure out why he took the track down in the first place. If you got big enough balls to call everybody out, at least leave it up so ya boy Von Won can get a few laughs!!

samwise said...

I'm registered on Da South and I found the news about him being interviewed, but I can't actually here the real interview! Can you help me out?