Sunday, September 20, 2009

When "relevant" worship music goes horribly, horribly, horribly wrong

Unholy crap!!!!

This video is wrong on several levels.

  • Not only is it a bad rip off of a mainstream song from the 80's.
  • Not only is it full of stupid, inane, meaningless "Let's-get-the-party-started" cliches and hyper-emotionalism.
  • But it's also the hook to a recent rework by Flo Rida that's essentially an ode to oral sex and strip clubs. And I'd find it hard to believe this hip looking youth leader hasn't heard that version or doesn't know what it's about.
Peep the Flo Rida clip here and click the "More" link under the embed codes to see the lyrics.


Also, please never let the words "Holy Ghost" and "Hoedown" be uttered in the same sentence again. (4 minute mark)


pjeffers said...

You are right man This is sad, but to keep it real.... If we are not personaly follwing the word, we will dance to anything that says Jesus.... My question is why were shoes taken off as if it were a holy place?

These Three Kings said...

I am so confused and

Nate said...

The shoes were taken off to honor the presence of God. Who cares if it's a cheesy 80s song or reworked from a rap song? It's not about the history of something that determines whether it's good or not. It's how it's put to use in the present. What if Christ had the same viewpoint on us? All I see is a bunch of people expressing their love and passion for the Lord and enjoying Him. The joy of the lord is a good thing, and who are we to say what it should or shouldn't look like?

Nate said...

But yes, I agree it is cheesy. But who cares? :)

By the way, that's Rick Pino he's a worship leader, not a youth pastor...that's Morningstar...I think it's a youth
conference. His other worship stuff really is good.