Thursday, September 10, 2009

KJ-52 is a Punk!

In the words of Big Brother's Jeff: I "got got!"

A few weeks ago KJ-52 Tweeted that his blog was hacked the same day he was to release a full stream of his upcoming 52 Television album. Instead of the music, there were photos of some dude named CC Bonz and his new tats.

I felt sorry for KJ and even reported this during one of my segments of The Wade-O Radio Show.

Turns out Tweezy was getting his Ashton-Kutcher-Punk'd-on and it was all a promo tease for the Chris Carlino (aka CC Bonz) character vlogs that tie into the storyline of the project.

I'm a bit embarrassed, but love it all the same. Call me a sucker for the viral vid/meta-marketing stuff. And this one worked.

Check out the intro video for the Chris Carlino "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" type story. And if you chase the rabbit all the way down the hole, you'll be rewarded with a preview video of the "Let It Go" song. Love the stop-motion/still photo clip.

Also catch a leak of "Swagged Out with Tags Out" featuring Da' T.R.U.T.H. over at

The album drops 09/22/09.


Tazerman said...

LOL he had me going there for a second to.

rebecca said...

it's worked for me too..much later on, i realized it was for the album..and i was thinking..waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttttt,
then that guy who was stalking your
page, wasn't a stalker- but you
pretending to be someone else...

very sneaky, kj- very very sneaky.

Writefully Yours said...

Wait, wooahh, how did I not hear about this? KJ-52 has tats!!!