Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to 2009

May Christ bless us all in 2009.

If you missed that fly Syntax Records New Year's Eve Party podcast hosted by DJ Promote you need to get in gear and download the jawn here for FREE.

And don't go claiming that "gangstas don't dance - we boogie" mess neither. Those last six minutes of the set will have your kaboose on the loose.



Monday, December 29, 2008

Vidz: Kaboose feat. Royce Da 5'9" - "Goin' Outta Control"

Syntax done it again. Peep the nice animated clip for the collab with Royce Da 5'9". The Hank Hill cameo kills me.

Promo: Designs By Faith

If you've still got some Christmas cash in your pocket and want some fresh gear, be sure to head over to Designs By Faith and cop some freshness.

They've been a great supporter of The Wade-O Radio Show lately are definitely worth a look.


I'm sporting my fave, the "Life is Mine" tee, and I copped "The Truth" design (at the top) to give to my sign-language loving brother s/ave for the holiday.

Get yours online here.

Note the alternate spelling in the URL:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"The Word became flesh..."

"The Word [God] became flesh and made his dwelling among us." - John 1:14

I know I used this verse to celebrate Christmas last year, but it still rocks my world.

The Creator became flesh. Stepped out of heaven. Got down in the dirt. Just so we could know him better.


Ponder that and worship.

Merry Christmas from Sketch the Journalist.

Free DL: Rap Fest Presents Vol. 2

The good men from Rap Fest in the NY are offering you another FREE Christmas gift.

Check out and download the heat contained in this little ditty here.

Thirty-eight tracks? Are you kiddin'?!?

I haven't been able to spin my copy yet, but have heard a few joints like the Thee Three Kings track from Syntax Records.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Common & Soulja Boy promise more positivity

How crazy is that in the same week both Common and Soulja Boy are making statements about their music getting more positive?

While it's no surprise that Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr [aka Com Sense] is talking about this shift (although I'm told his newest album belies his track record), it is noteworthy for Superman do it.

Known for his Trojan Horse dance tracks, shouts out to slave owners, and self promotion, S-Boy now says he knows kids look up to him and that he wants to change.

I appreciate the talk, but frankly want to see it in their walk.

Rapper Common: Obama will change hip-hop's attitude (

Soulja Boy says "Sorry", promises positive image (AP/YouTube)

Christ In a Hip Hopper resources

Some good resources for those of you deep in urban ministry:

If you or someone you know is a youthleader/mentor and looking for a fresh new way to connect with urbanized youth, proudly presents The Urban Remix Project.

This is a brand new, two part curriculum which includes fourteen lessons dealing with: Culture, Media, Leadership, Character, Manhood, Womanhood, Abstinence, Sex, Relationships, Marriage & Family.

This curriculum was designed by Brady Goodwin aka Phanatik of The Cross Movement after spending a year in the public schools of Philadelphia working with churched and unchurched youth on the above mentioned character formation issues. Seeing the limited resources that were available to urban youth workers when dealing with these issues, an effort was then made to understand the communication gaps within the culture and between the generations and then frame these topics in ways that would immediately speak to the current context in which many of our youth find themselves. This material will prove to be an education for the youthleader just as much if not more than for the youth it was designed to reach.

To order your educator's edition visit the store at today
For more info contact:

The author is also available for training sessions/consultations/speaking engagements.


Send postal mail to:
Christian Hip-Hopper
P.O. Box 9831
Philadelphia PA 19140

Friday, December 19, 2008

Free DL: Christmas Gumbo Vol 2 Mix by DJ One3

Need some nicey, nice Christian rap Christmas jams to go into the weekend?

Check out DJ One Three's "Christmas Gumbo Volume 2" mix. There are a lot of fun joints on here - especially KJ-52 and Pettidee's stuff. There's also worship joints, classic carols, and even a few rockers.

Download yours for FREE right 'chere!


  1. Tha GIM X-in' tha MAS
  2. Pres. Barack Obama Intro
  3. Nutcrackin' Perfect Blend
  4. KJ52 feat. Alvin & The Chipmunks - It's Christmas Time
  5. Christmas Song Blend
  6. K-Drama - Joy to the World
  7. (one3 Quick Mix) Joy To The World
  8. Pettidee feat. Willie the elf - No Chimney (The Projects)
  9. Krumpin' Sugar Plum Fairies
  10. Excelsius - The Real Christmas Story
  11. J.R. - On this Day
  12. Kierra "KiKi" Sheard - This Christmas
  13. FLAME - Invasion Day
  14. Bing Crosby - Happy Holiday (Holiday Inn Cribbin')
  15. Thousand Foot Krutch - Jingle Bell Rock
  16. Jingle Bell Blend
  17. Ambassador - Came Down feat. Latia & Keran
  18. Ohmega Watts - I'll Be Home for Christmas remix'd
  19. LaShun Pace - Go Tell it on the Mountain
  20. Louis Armstrong - Baby, It's Cold Outside
  21. August Burns Red - Carol of the Bells
  22. K-Drama - Carol of the Bells
  23. Dean Martin - (Rock da) Jingle Bells
  24. Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night
  25. Antonio Neal - Steppin' (in the new year)
  26. It's the Most Wonderful Outro
  27. Bonus: Prodigal Son - My Blokk feat. Canton Jones

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vidz: Brinson's ExTreme Witnessing 101

Brinson's at it again. This time with a Shawn Michaels-styled "Super Kick."


A discussion about Auto-Tune

Relevant Magazine's guest blogger Seth "Tower" Hurd (a radio DJ heard on Chicago's 89.7 Shine FM and 101.7 FUSE in Saginaw, Michigan) has written several entries I've enjoyed. His latest explores the Auto-Tune trend with comments from industry insiders about their love/hate relationship with the "robot voice fixer thing."

Check it out here.

For more in-depth reading on the subject, check out this piece from The New Yorker Magazine I caught a few months ago.

Syntax Records' DJ Promote will host your New Year's Eve Party for $FREE-99

Photo by Sketch the Journalist

From the good men at Syntax Records:

Can't afford a DJ to spin at your private New Years event? Once again the innovators at Syntax Records have solved your crisis! Bring in the New Year in style by having a professional DJ mix your party!

Here are 4 easy steps!

• Make sure you have iTunes installed. If you do not it’s a free download at

• Make sure you are 'subscribed' to TheSynCast through iTunes. To make sure you have subscribed properly click on the “PodCasts” link in the left area of iTunes. You’ll see it next to Music, TV, etc. The most recent episode which is the Christmas episode will should have downloaded. Congratulations you are subscribed.

• Now that we have established you are properly subscribed the next step is to just simply open iTunes on or after December 26th 2008. Doing this will ensure that the New Years Eve PodCast downloads to your local computer so you have time to get all set up for your party.

• On Wednesday December 31st 2008 at exactly 11:30PM press PLAY on your computer, iPod, or whatever device you have downloaded the PodCast to. Turn down the lights, and get your groove on. No need to keep looking at your watch cause DJ Promote has it all under control for you!

Don't forget to pick up 'Wages of Syntax 2' mixed by DJ Promote if you would like to host another private party and bypass the cost of having someone DJ the event! If you haven't already check out the trailer on YouTube!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LA Symphony's Christmas Video


LA Symphony's "Broken Tape Decks" from the hard-to-find Call It What You Want album has been turned into an animated Christmas video and it's lovely.

Check it out here.

LEGO My Hip-Hop


First is was Star Wars, then Indiana Jones, and Batman. Now hip hop cover art is getting the LEGO treatment - which proves that rounded plastic can make just about anything more palatable.

Peep the whole collection here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Vidz: Lecrae deftly dodges battle

Peep this video of a crowd of white kids who've watched too much "8 Mile" and note how Lecrae deftly handles the situation with utmost maturity.

If for some reason you weren't down with Creezy being the new face of Christian hip hop, you should be now.

Props to joseph29 from the HCR message board for this find.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Much Luvv Records & URGEWORKS Donate Time, Money, and Talent to Texas Children’s Hospital with "Be You" hip hop show


All photos by Sketch the Journalist unless otherwise noted

Much Luvv Records and URGEWORKS recently donated their time, money, and talent to teen patients and their families at Texas Children’s Hospital.

On Saturday, December 6, 2008 the group of rappers, dancers, actors, and singers performed a one-hour program titled “Be You.” The show incorporates rap and dance elements of the hip hop culture and stresses positive self-expression and motivation.


Colcutz and Tre9 discuss their broken "robot" dancer


URGEWORKS b-boys come in all sizes and ages

Nearly 70 people crammed into the recreation room near the TCH’s Lollipop Radio Station to enjoy the event. Rapper Tre9 hosted the session along with b-boy dancer Colcutz.

The duo educated the audience about the history of the hip hop culture and ran through several examples of rap music and different regional dances. Later S.O.M. performed a song titled “Fiyah Starters”, and Tre and Colcutz engaged the audience with a skit about their broken “robot” dancer. Hip hop soul artist Von Won closed out the day with an a capella version of “Silent Night.”


S.O.M. lights it up


Von Won brings the Christmas carol

“The event was awesome,” TCH Child Life Partner Rosland Verge said. “I definitely hope this won’t be the last time we see this group visit.”


The big check

At the end of the show, all of the Much Luvv Records and URGEWORKS friends, members, and affiliates presented Ms. Verge with a check for $500 for the hospital to purchase additional toys, art supplies, and games for the rec room.

The money was raised via a charity softball game organized by Much Luvv Records and URGEWORKS where each player was asked to raise at least $100 each for their lineup spot.

Pastor Daniel Hearne is a full time chaplain for Texas Children’s Hospital and invited the two groups to perform at the facility. It was the first time in anyone’s memory that a hip hop group had made such a visit, but Hearne believes it is a welcome one, particularly when it was from such an uplifting group of well respected artists from Much Luvv Records and URGEWORKS.


Colcutz and Tre9 share their story

“These kids are sick and losing hope,” Hearne said. “Anything that’s positive is sure to help.”


Tre9 signs an autograph for a new fan

Patients and families like 16 year old Adrian and his mother seemed to agree, smiling throughout the presentation and saying they really enjoyed the show afterward. Participating artists like Ryan Boyce of S.O.M. concur.

“I had the pleasure of meeting a young man nicked-named ‘Lefty.’ We played basketball together in the game room and he was a great shot,” Boyce recalled. “It was a fantastic experience and I hope we impacted, uplifted and brought cheer into each of their lives.”


Ms. Verge (Texas Children's Hospital) is all smiles

More pics from Mrs. McDowell




Monday, December 8, 2008

Trailblazin Ministries Top 10 Albums of 2008


The big homie LaRosa Johnson released his Top 10 Christian Rap Albums of 2008 list last week. Read it here and let the debating begin.

I don't agree with all his choices, but that's what this is all about right? LJ's got all my respect though. Dude's thorough with his (peep the ranking breakdown chart at the end) and a prolific writer (knocking out 20 something reviews over the Thanksgiving holiday alone) who often puts me to shame.

I'm debating what type of end-of-year list to put together. Last year I did a Top 10 video list and will be working on a Top 10 CHH story list for Wade-O's show in the coming weeks. Let me know if you have a special request though.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Vidz: Flynn Adam / "Such a Time"

Peep the alterna-rap freshness from Mr. Eartube Empire - Flynn Adam Atkins. This is the new stuff coming out of the revamped Gotee Records.


Sketch review: k-Drama / BoomBaptism

k-Drama gets my first review at the revamped

Here's your teaser and link to the full piece.
The introductory track to k-Drama's new album, "The Inevitable", builds anticipation to the rest of the disc. The artist's quick rap and explanation of the BoomBaptism title hooks the listener with a promise of a musical rebirth to come. And with a Theory Hazit-provided Thriller-like howl in the background, one immediately wants to buy into the vision of the project.

So it's quite a let down when...
Continue reading

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Podcast You Need To Listen To (Part B)

My man DJ Wade-O let k-Drama take over the Larry King chair for an entire show to promote his upcoming "BoomBaptism" album. (Catch my review on before next Tuesday's drop date.)

The result: a deliciously funny and depth probing two hours Regis coined "k-Drama Wadio."

And don't miss the "Stretch the Plagiarist - HHH on Blast" parody segment he did with my full blessing.

Dude got my monotone and errryything.

Download it here.

Subscribe via iTunes here.

• Episode Preview
• "Let's Go"-D-M.A.U.B. (Urban Legend)
• "Man on Fire"- Sean Slaughter (Man on Fire)
• "I'm Back"- J.Johnson (The Struggle)
• Random Thoughts by k-Drama
• "Put Your Love On Me"-Marvin Winans Jr. (Image of a Man)
• "Love Like Crazy"- Kierra "KiKi" Sheard (Bold Right Life)
• k-Drama Sings Me Crazy
• "Autotoon"- k-Drama (Sing Me Crazy Submission)
• DJ Wade-O interview Part 1
• "Testify"-Shai Linne (Storiez)
• DJ Wade-O Interview Part 2
Stretch the Plagiarist-HHH on Blast
• "Better Days"-Ambassador, Da Truth & Michelle Bonilla (Urban Compositions)
• DJ Wade-O Part 3
• "My Lady"-Street Pastor (The Underdogg's Anthem)
• "Do it All Again"-k-Drama (untitled)
• DJ Wade-O Part 4
• "Joyful Noise"-Flame & Lecrae (Our World Redeemed)

A Podcast You Need To Listen To (Part A)

If you don't subscribe to the Syncast podcast from Syntax Records you're missing out on some of the best quality junk (and comedy) in Christian rap.

Download their Christmas edition now to hear shout outs from tons of top-rated industry figures (I guess I didn't make the cut - Heh) and some nice Christmas rappity raps.

The "Three Kings" from RedCloud, Jeremiah Bonds, and Kaboose is mad dope as is Tommy Percival's "Sidewalk Santa."

Download it here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free DL: Vintage Clothing "Breakers Only" mix

Them boys over at Vintage Clothing Limited who make hot threads are offering a free "Breakers Only" mixtape for the holidays and to promote their fresh "Rock is Steady" line.

Hosted by Theory Hazit, this should be a nice one for the b-boys and those (like me) who can only watch with envy.

Download yours for FREE-99 right 'chere.

Promo: KJ-52's "Stuck In the 80's" concert / skate party / video shoot this weekend


Man, if I was in the F-L-A I know I'd be there. Get your concert on, skate on, and be in KJ's next new video: "Stuck in the 80's."

I had the chance to interview him last night for an upcoming cover story in Tha Message Magazine and he told me that not only does he have a "Zach Morris"-sized cell phone to rep the decade, but he's even got one that's about half the size of his body. And y'all know Tweezy is a tall dude.

If the video is half as crazy as his last one then you know it's going to be a fun time.

Also check out:

And here's another clip with some more info from the man himself.

Vidz: Brinson & D-M.A.U.B. "Solar Powered"

Godchaserz Entertainment's Brinson and D-M.A.U.B. bring the heat in the video for "Solar Powered" from B's "Escaping Me" album.

I love the Solar Powered drink at the end, but am mad dude didn't take my suggestion to tape a smackdown of the Energizer Bunny as his lyrics suggest.

Solar Powered By Brinson feat. D-M.A.U.B from Brinson on Vimeo.