Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Syntax Records' DJ Promote will host your New Year's Eve Party for $FREE-99

Photo by Sketch the Journalist

From the good men at Syntax Records:

Can't afford a DJ to spin at your private New Years event? Once again the innovators at Syntax Records have solved your crisis! Bring in the New Year in style by having a professional DJ mix your party!

Here are 4 easy steps!

• Make sure you have iTunes installed. If you do not it’s a free download at

• Make sure you are 'subscribed' to TheSynCast through iTunes. To make sure you have subscribed properly click on the “PodCasts” link in the left area of iTunes. You’ll see it next to Music, TV, etc. The most recent episode which is the Christmas episode will should have downloaded. Congratulations you are subscribed.

• Now that we have established you are properly subscribed the next step is to just simply open iTunes on or after December 26th 2008. Doing this will ensure that the New Years Eve PodCast downloads to your local computer so you have time to get all set up for your party.

• On Wednesday December 31st 2008 at exactly 11:30PM press PLAY on your computer, iPod, or whatever device you have downloaded the PodCast to. Turn down the lights, and get your groove on. No need to keep looking at your watch cause DJ Promote has it all under control for you!

Don't forget to pick up 'Wages of Syntax 2' mixed by DJ Promote if you would like to host another private party and bypass the cost of having someone DJ the event! If you haven't already check out the trailer on YouTube!

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