Sunday, September 20, 2009

When "relevant" worship music goes horribly, horribly, horribly wrong

Unholy crap!!!!

This video is wrong on several levels.

  • Not only is it a bad rip off of a mainstream song from the 80's.
  • Not only is it full of stupid, inane, meaningless "Let's-get-the-party-started" cliches and hyper-emotionalism.
  • But it's also the hook to a recent rework by Flo Rida that's essentially an ode to oral sex and strip clubs. And I'd find it hard to believe this hip looking youth leader hasn't heard that version or doesn't know what it's about.
Peep the Flo Rida clip here and click the "More" link under the embed codes to see the lyrics.


Also, please never let the words "Holy Ghost" and "Hoedown" be uttered in the same sentence again. (4 minute mark)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vidz: "Lethal Poison" - Humble Tip hipped me to another nice clip from Humble Tip. Dude grinds with these online videos.

A few things that stood out as I watched:
  1. I hope the spelling of "poisin" in the virtual headlines was just a creative decision for emphasis.
  2. I was impressed with the newspaper-lined room with the hanging lights. Nice to see an actual set design instead of just another green screen.
  3. The baseball bat to the bulbs at the end was dope, but I realize I'm getting older when my intial thought is: "I hope he was wearing some eye protection during that shot."

Your thoughts?

Free DL: Alkendria "New Day"

Southern Gospeltality Records' songstress Alkendria's next single "New Day" is available for your listening and FREE download.

If you're into urban/gospel/pop and enjoyed her past vocals on SGR releases, then you'll dig this.

Get your copy here.

“Back in the Day” Ahmad’s Bright Future

Classic art never loses its relevance – just ask Ahmad. His “Back in the Day” hip hop nostalgia theme will surely garner new fans when they hear its unforgettable hook reinterpreted by Mariah Carey and The Dream in the song “Candy Bling,” featured on Mariah’s upcoming album Memories of an Imperfect Angel.

Ahmad’s recent visit to Sway (MTV) and King Tech’s World Famous Wake Up Show yielded a special moment when multi-platinum artist Kanye West stopped his interview to specifically recognize and applaud Ahmad (who was seated next to him) for his staying power, style and demeanor.

“He looks like this game hasn’t destroyed him,” West stated concerning Ahmad. “And I commended him on that.”

XXL magazine agrees with Mr. West’s assessment and, in a story featured in the upcoming November issue, highlights Ahmad’s story as an atypical one – particularly in a field better known for its excess than its success.

A hit single at the age of 18 simultaneously ignited and frustrated Ahmad’s early music career. After a short hiatus, Ahmad returned to the scene in 2000. He formed Lookalive records in 2002, and promptly secured an imprint deal with Interscope records for his band 4th Avenue Jones.

4th Avenue Jones achieved modest success as a touring band, performing with the The Black Eyed Peas, Sheryl Crow, The Roots and James Brown. However, the group disbanded in 2006 to pursue individual endeavors.

Ahmad retreated to the classroom where he enrolled in Long Beach City College. After graduating as a 4.0 GPA valedictorian, he was accepted to Stanford University.

Ahmad’s current focus is on his new music company WeCLAP (We Change Lives, Attitudes & Perceptions) and his second album as a solo artist The Death of Me. The project will be released on December 15 in partnership with Syntax Distribution a division of Quality Junk, LLC.

The artwork for The Death of Me is already generating a buzz. Faintly echoing the iconic SOURCE Magazine cover of Dr. Dre with a pistol aimed at his own temple, interpretations are varied.

In reference to his latest release, Ahmad states, "I assure you that The Death of Me is going to bring light to millions globally. The authenticity is dripping off of each song. The album is as it should be. My new self is as committed to peace, justice, equality, and liberation as the old one. My art is just better refined, and better orchestrated. I have no fear. It's the only way to fly."

The Wade-O Radio Show Plans Holiday Tour

Continuing to prove his program is “More than Music, It’s Ministry,” DJ Wade-O is currently routing stops for a holiday tour in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area.

While Wade’s DJ skills can easily be a part of the events, he is most excited about opportunities he will have to share and teach people about music’s impact on their lives and faith. The information can be presented through four different workshop sessions, each lasting approximately an hour long.

They include:

- The Reason for Christ-Centered Hip Hop
- From Podcasting to Syndication
- What’s in Your iPod?
- Reaching Young Black Males with the Gospel

“I feel like God has blessed me with a wealth of great experiences and education that it would be selfish not to share it with others,” Wade said. “When you’ve been given a platform like I have, it’s actually an incumbent responsibility.”

Special, surprise guest artists and performances will also play a part.

The tour will be available from Thanksgiving through New Years Eve. The gatherings are expected to be offered to the public for free and can be stand alone sessions or part of an existing event.

To book an event in your area, please contact DJ Wade-O's Management, The Kingdom Minded Group. They can be reached at (212) 203-4400 x 1 or

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sketch review: Von Won - Answering the Call

Von Won's album drops today. To go along with that, has published my critique.

Here's your teaser and link:
I love Caller ID. Hate “Unknown” or “Blocked” numbers.

When my cell or home phone rings and I see those digital disguises I let my voice mail do the dirty work.

If you feel the same and are unfamiliar with Much Luvv Records’ Von Won, then you might be inclined to pass on his new Answering the Call album of gospel rhymes and hooks.

Make an exception.
Read the rest right 'chere.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Former Korn member Brian "Head" Welch says God told him to witness to 50 Cent

Some of you might remember the recent Christian conversion testimony of former hard rocker Brian "Head" Welch from the Grammy-winning group Korn.

He recently reported that he felt God told him to witness to rapper 50 Cent.

Peep the details here.

And read more about Welch's story via Risen Magazine.

Props to Relevant Magazine for the link.

KJ-52 is a Punk!

In the words of Big Brother's Jeff: I "got got!"

A few weeks ago KJ-52 Tweeted that his blog was hacked the same day he was to release a full stream of his upcoming 52 Television album. Instead of the music, there were photos of some dude named CC Bonz and his new tats.

I felt sorry for KJ and even reported this during one of my segments of The Wade-O Radio Show.

Turns out Tweezy was getting his Ashton-Kutcher-Punk'd-on and it was all a promo tease for the Chris Carlino (aka CC Bonz) character vlogs that tie into the storyline of the project.

I'm a bit embarrassed, but love it all the same. Call me a sucker for the viral vid/meta-marketing stuff. And this one worked.

Check out the intro video for the Chris Carlino "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" type story. And if you chase the rabbit all the way down the hole, you'll be rewarded with a preview video of the "Let It Go" song. Love the stop-motion/still photo clip.

Also catch a leak of "Swagged Out with Tags Out" featuring Da' T.R.U.T.H. over at

The album drops 09/22/09.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Event: Holy Hip Hop for Hunger - 9/11


If you're in H-town next Friday night, September 11 be sure to join us for the 3rd Annual Holy Hip Hop for Hunger event organized by Von Won.

It's only $5 to get in or you can roll for free with 5 canned goods. All food will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.

As you can see by the flyer, the lineup includes heavy hitters like:
  • Bushwick Bill
  • Big Al
  • Tre9
  • Von Won
  • J Xavier
  • And many others

Mikel Anthony fka Kinfolk Caliny now a believer and doing Christian rap

Ruslan of theBREAX reports that childhood friend Mikel Anthony, formerly known as Kinfold Caliny, is now a follower of Jesus and is doing Christian hip hop.

Here's the bio and a link to listen to his "It's a Beautiful Day" single produced by west coast sensation DJ Harmz.

Listen here.

Formally known as Kinfolk Caliny, Mikel Anthony had a successful run as a secular artist. Childhood friends with Ruslan of theBREAX, he made guest appearances on two of the last three BREAX albums and came to a saving faith in Jesus after attending a weekly Bible study/accountability group.

With a literal born again experience, came a name change and a decision to start over and leave his secular albums and old name in the past. His debut album titled The Schematic features collaborations with Regg Henny, NomiS, Afaar, theBREAX, Roc Rok and production from DJ Rek, Nathan Soultrain, Jruckers, and Name Brand will be coming later this year.

DJ Harmz, is best known for touring with secular artist like Dilated Peoples, Tash, and the Alkaholiks. Also with his saving faith in Jesus, DJ Harmz now looks to make a transition into producing Christian Hip-Hop and contributed to a third of The Schematic album.

Both of these young men of God look forward to using the platform they once had in the secular world to bring glory to their Heavenly Father and take the message of the Kingdom to those who are lost. Both Mikel Anthony and DJ Harmz attend theMovement church in San Marcos, Ca (along with Ruslan and Beleaf of theBREAX)

Braille / Hip Hop Is Music News


Braille Brizzy reports that he’s relocated from Portland, Oregon to San Marco, California in order to be closer to his business partners Syntax Records, The Glue Network, and NOTW Clothing.

Once his fam is there and settled he intends to go full throttle with his Hip Hop Is Music label (which just dropped the excellent Sojournalism: The Summer Articles from Future Shock member Sojourn) and wrap up his upcoming Audibly Enhanced Dreams album.

(BTW, you can grab that Sojourn joint right 'chere. He makes MCing sound easy.)

In addition, he’s still reaching toward that goal of giving away 30,000 copies of his Cloud Nineteen project. Dude’s halfway there now and looking to press up another 1,000. If you’d like to contribute to this effort, find him online at

Free DL: KJ-52's "The Office / 52 Television Prequel" mixtape full mp3

If you wanna hear KJ-52 get loose, be sure to grab his FREE "The Office" / 52 Television Prequel mixtape here.

It’s definitely cool to hear him flex over some hot beats from the likes of the Clipse, Jay-Z, and Timbaland.

Also fun to hear some soundbites from one of my fave TV show added to the mix. Too bad he didn't include the "Warehouse Rap" with DJ Jazzy Flax.

And believe me, dude goes off.

You talkin smack,
Wheel of Fortune cats,
I'll call you Pat,
You never Say Jack

-"Flava in Your Ear" freeverse

Like that other white MC he's always getting compared to, I think Angry KJ > Poppy KJ


Sphere of Hip Hop's Daily Download

In free music news, head over Sphere of Hip and sign up for their Daily Download stream, RSS feed, or iTunes podcast.

This is a really cool way for you to get all the cool leaks and special singles dropped directly in your lap.

Recent titles include: Listener’s “Train Song,” Mr. J Meirderos’ “Broken Windows”, and Thi’sl’s “I Hate You.”

Is The Wade-O Radio Show Coming to a TV Near You?


Is The Wade-O Radio Show coming to a TV near you? Kind of…

In late August, DJ Wade-O wrapped principal photography on a TV commercial for his internationally known radio show. The 30 and 60 second spots will be used on Uprise TV in the United Kingdom and strategically placed in various markets where The Wade-O Radio show airs.

Wade spent nearly a full day in Philadelphia, PA shooting the spot with Christina Faith at several “top secret” locations. The commercial carries a storyline about where and how Wade-O secures exclusive music for his show. A few notable names from the world of Philly-based Christian Hip Hop also make cameo appearances.

“It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Plus I got to dust off my acting skills,” Wade-O laughed. “Bet y’all didn’t know your boy was a ‘Guys and Dolls’ stage star in high school.”

Christina Faith said Wade needed very little direction and believes viewers will enjoy the commercial.

“Acting comes very naturally to him,” Faith said. “I pray God pulls more of his gifting out of him.”

Keep it locked to for details on when the finished product will be available for viewing.

Vidz: Free Beats

A New York beat boxer set up shop in a park and offered passers-by free "beats" and an open mic.

This makes me happy.

Wonder if any Christian hip hop cats would be as bold to share some sunshine.

Props to Rizoh at The Rap Up blog for the tip.

theBREAX on Relevant

Those Cali boys theBREAX recently got some pub over at

In the piece, the fellas break down:
  • Being innovative

  • Finding a way into the general market

  • The declining state of hip-hop

  • Their inspiration

  • The church vs. the club

Read it here.

Astronauts love Toby Mac

This interesting Tweet from last week caught my eye.


Apparently someone up there luvs them some Toby Mac - and it ain't just the Creator.

Congrats to a Christian hip hop OG.