Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's been a long time / I shouldn't left you...

Without a dope post to step to.

Sorry for the delay. I was out of state visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I pray yours was restful, blissful, and grateful.

Will be back soon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Win U Some Air Jordans

k-Drama's got a contest for fans to win a fresh new pair of J's in honor of the "Air Jordan" track off his upcoming album "BoomBaptism" that drops on Dec. 9.

Peep details in the vid below and look for my review of the album to hit soon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

theBREAX: "Get Ignorant Remix" crew jam

This cut has been blazin' The Wade-O Radio Show lately and is one you definitely need to hear/cop.

It's the antidote for everyone that complains about the lack of unity and crew jams in holy hip hop.

Download it from their MySpace site:

From the presser:

San Marcos, CA- Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed and successful sophomore album, When theBREAX Sold Out, Hip-Hop/Spoken Word band theBREAX are at it again with the release of the Get Ignorant Remix.

The Get Ignorant Remix marks the first time that an artist from every major camp in Christian Hip-Hop appears on the same song. Braille (of Light Headed), Theory Hazit (of Scribbling Idiots), NomiS (of Gallery Drive), Eric Cross (Beatmart Recordings), (Proph 1 of the Frontlynaz), Sev Statik (of Deepspace 5 & Tunnel Rats), R Swift (of Rhyme Council & Cross Movement Records) and Rockwilder's Fuel/KIK Records artist Whuteva.

The Remix was first exclusively released to DJ Wade-O and premiered on episode 80 of the Wade-O radio show:

"I'm just joyed that all of those different cats can get on one record, with one common theme… I'm real encouraged by that… you had all these different people on there who some people might say, 'their crews don't like each other', or 'people don't get along' or whatever it is… and I'm just real encouraged that all those different guys from different crews can come together and make one record that still has the focus of preaching the Gospel, even with all the sarcastic elements in there… man I'm real encouraged by that… to get all those people on one accord, crazy man, that's how big our God is!" DJ Wade-O –

Get Ignorant originally appeared on When theBREAX Sold Out, the new Remix will appear as a bonus track on theBREAX new album Restocked, which will be exclusively available on their new Hybrid DVD Broken Television coming out in February 2009. Broken Television features a documentary, live performance footage, music videos, over an hour of bonus footage, and theBREAX entire music catalogue. The song can currently be heard and downloaded from theBREAX myspace page.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Note to Da' T.R.U.T.H. - I'm real


DJ Wade-O told me about this a few weeks ago and the interview just hit iTunes this week, but apparently during his set with Da' T.R.U.T.H., my man started off by saying "This is a question from Sketch..."

There was a stumble and then Da' T.R.U.T.H. asked if "Sketch" was just a character/persona that Wade played on his show.

Funny stuff.

I'm real T - I promise. :)

We met backstage when you were in town over a year ago. I wrote it up here on my blog and took a quick flick with you. (In your defense, you probably get asked to meet and take pics with 1,000's of cats.)

Anyway, I just thought it was humorous and Wade and I have speculated that maybe even my cartoon-ish avatar threw you off.


As you know, Wade-O's show is top notch and his conversation with Da' T.R.U.T.H. is no different.

Download the enhanced digital version of this show here and subscribe via iTunes if you can.

And T.R.U.T.H., next time you're in town let me buy you a milkshake or something and prove I'm not a ghost.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Syncast wants your voice

I've got mad love for the cats at Syntax Records. Some 'em some yourself by subscribing to their podcast and giving them a shoutout for the Christmas show. Details below.

Hey everyone!

It's that time of the year again! Syntax Records is compiling 'greetings' from our friends and colleagues out there in the world for our Christmas themed PodCast. It takes us a very long time to create/edit this show so get your shout-outs in right away!

Reason's why you should call:
-You've never given a shout-out before... live a little.
-The audience is listening. Tell them what you think!
-You can promote a product, service, or company.
-Even if you don't celebrate Christmas people all over the world
still enjoy listening to your warm (digital) greeting to them.
-It makes YOU cool because you are 1 out of 5 Billion people on the planet who are NOT on the PodCast...
-It makes US cool because you are a special or important person in this industry and people are impressed that we know you :)

Step 1: Pick up your phone and dial 619-312-4586 (no one ever answers it's just a voicemail)
Step 2: The voicemail greeting will begin yelling at you, don't let him scare you.
Step 3: Beep. Anything from this point on is being recorded. Let us know who you are, what you are, where you are, what you want the world to know.

To hear if you made it to the episode search "syntax records" in iTunes making pop up and then click 'subscribe' it's free

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More remix videos from DJ Primo

DJ Primo is killing it with more remixes. Clips and details below from his post on message board. My fave out of these three is the Lecrae "Praying for You" remix.


I highly suggest that you join the Holy Culture Record Pool, that's where I get most of my acapellas and instrumentals from. If you are serious about DJin' you must consider joining, it's worth the $$$ plus you get stuff that you will not get ANYWHERE else.

OK enough on the record pool check out the videos.

Urban D. - UnOrthodox "Subelo" Reggaeton

Here I mixed UnOrthodox Acapella with Funky's (a Christian Reggaeton Artist)Instrumental "Subelo". The acapella I got from Urban D's UnOrthodox EP and the instrumental came on Funky's CD "Corriendo Para Ganar" Both songs are about the same Beats Per Minute (BPM)

Urban D. - UnOrthodox DJ Primo Reggaeton Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

Urban D. - UnOrthodox "Where You From "

Same thing as the previous video, but this time I mixed the acapella with Oppose's "Where You From" Instrumental (Check out Where You From Part 2 on DJ Morph's International Album it's hot)

Urban D - Un-Orthodox DJ Primo (Where U From) Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

Lecrae - Praying For You "Hands Up"

I got "Praying For You" Acapella from HC record pool, then I mixed it with Kierra "KiKi" Sheard's Instrumental of Hands Up. I believe one of the DJ's at the 1 Accord DJ alliance hooked me up with that. I'm going to say it was DJ LACE.

Lecrae - Praying For You DJ Primo (Hands Up) Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mainstream rap blog covers David Banner "Gangsta rapper Jesus" clip

Rizoh at The Rap Up blog was kind enough to cover the Rick Ross/David Banner "Jesus would've been a gangsta rapper" interview from "The Fence." It's a mainstream hip hop site so it should be interesting to see their readers' thoughts.

Feel free to stop by and drop them a line there too.

Rep Christ in all ways if you decide to visit.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Vidz: Von Won & Crew "Chopped Liver"

I'm at 4930 Studios working on "The Fence" documentary when Von Won stopped by to upload the freshly cut version of his new Sheep In Wolves' Clothing crew promo video for "Chopped Liver."

Fellas on the cut include: Von Won, Dat Boy Jesse, JP, Eno, Trevor Lee, Child of Christ, RBS, J Real, Narrow and Denzil.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Kanye West bites Pigeon John?

My man Ruslan from theBREAX crew sparked this discussion on the message boards when Ye's song was first leaked saying it sounded like the sing-songy stuff from the "Pigeon John Sings the Blues" and "Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister" albums (minus the Auto-Tune of course.)

It gets worse when you compare the just released animated video (below) to the fan-created image (at the top) PJ's had on his MySpace page for over a year. Peep the full beard, suit coat, et al.

Yikes! Do we have another CY/T-Pain issue on our hands?

Of course Pigeon predicted people would eventually take his steez. Check this verse from the "Dating Your Sister" album.

"I don't really care what they think / tomorrow they'll be doing my song / and will be claiming it's new / and 10 years ago they used to say 'That ain't even hip hop' / now they're dipped in a Sinatra suit

And actin' real silly / thinkin' PJ's a joke / but they'll be doin' exactly what I do / I'll tell you what / I'll give you my style right now to save time / Cuz it takes time for you to chew / Obviously...."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remix vid: Jesus Music/Godly Life - DJ Primo

The king of Christian rap's chopped and screwed game has always been good at blends and remixes. Now DJ Primo's steppin' into the video mash-up biz.

Peep the hotness when Lecrae's "Jesus Muizk" meets Jacob Izreal's "Godly Life."

Jesus Musik Feat. Trip Lee DJ Primo Godly Life Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

AOG Clothing 611 Signs Tre9 to Endorse


Up and coming couture company AOG Clothing 611 recently scored a big win by signing gospel rapper Bobby “Tre9” Herring to a formal endorsement contract.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but general agreements include supplying Tre9 with new and exclusive designs for performances and public appearances, use of his likeness in various forms of advertisement, and the artist’s general promotion of the line as his preferred urban apparel supplier.

“Tre9 is a perfect spokesman for us on so many levels,” AOG Clothing 611 founder Tony Lewis said. “First, his reputation as a pioneering leader in urban music ministry is impeccable. Second, he reaches the diverse audience we also want to reach. Third, he’s from our hometown and looks great in our various designs.”

AOG Clothing 611 believes it can be a tool to share the message of Christ. The name itself often sparks a conversation when people inquire about the meaning behind each detail.

AOG stands for elements of the “Armor of God” which Christians understand to be mandatory for successful spiritual battle. The number “611” represents the specific Bible verse, Ephesians 6:11, from which the idea is taken.

The company was founded in October of 2007. Although their current designs are only on T-shirts, plans are in the works to expand to denim, caps, hoodies, and other fashionable and high-demand pieces.

“There is a need for Christian urban clothing lines that are well known and just as popular as their mainstream counterparts,” Tre9 said. “We need to give our youth something to feel proud of just like they are with Sean John, Echo, and Rocawear.”

AOG is also cognizant of separatist, inferior, and often “me-too” reputation of most Christian alternatives.

“The separation is in our message - not our clothes. We want it to be current with the styles of today. Future concepts may not even have a written or literal Christian message on them, but may just be designed uniquely,” Lewis said.

“I wouldn’t endorse something that’s cheesy,” Tre9 said. “Those who have followed my career know that if I put my name to something it has to represent my Lord in excellence.”

For more information on AOG Clothing 611 and to see design samples visit

Vidz: Dre Murray "My Lane"

Amazing what a clean and well lit black and white clip with some minor FX can do for an artist. The song's hot too.

Dre Murray: "My Lane" from the album "Manhunt"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 is HERE!


The long-awaited relaunch of is here.


Hit it up for a FREE download of DJ D-Lite's new "Election" mixtape. I love how Zee designed the cover art to have the Democrats on the left and the Republicans on the right.

And be sure to peep the front page exclusive video/story taken from "The Fence" documentary of Rick Ross & David Banner being asked about their faith and lyrical responsiblity.

Get it in!

A Savior On Capitol Hill

In honor of election day I'd like to share a great song and video from one of my favorite non-hip hop artists - Derek Webb.

(NOTE: Despite the still screen on the video, this is neither a pro-Obama or pro-McCain clip. In fact, Webb is even fine if Christians DON'T cast a vote.)

BTW, you can snag a special Election 08 copy of his excellent "Mockingbird" album here for FREE from his revolutionary NoiseTrade website.