Thursday, November 6, 2008

AOG Clothing 611 Signs Tre9 to Endorse


Up and coming couture company AOG Clothing 611 recently scored a big win by signing gospel rapper Bobby “Tre9” Herring to a formal endorsement contract.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but general agreements include supplying Tre9 with new and exclusive designs for performances and public appearances, use of his likeness in various forms of advertisement, and the artist’s general promotion of the line as his preferred urban apparel supplier.

“Tre9 is a perfect spokesman for us on so many levels,” AOG Clothing 611 founder Tony Lewis said. “First, his reputation as a pioneering leader in urban music ministry is impeccable. Second, he reaches the diverse audience we also want to reach. Third, he’s from our hometown and looks great in our various designs.”

AOG Clothing 611 believes it can be a tool to share the message of Christ. The name itself often sparks a conversation when people inquire about the meaning behind each detail.

AOG stands for elements of the “Armor of God” which Christians understand to be mandatory for successful spiritual battle. The number “611” represents the specific Bible verse, Ephesians 6:11, from which the idea is taken.

The company was founded in October of 2007. Although their current designs are only on T-shirts, plans are in the works to expand to denim, caps, hoodies, and other fashionable and high-demand pieces.

“There is a need for Christian urban clothing lines that are well known and just as popular as their mainstream counterparts,” Tre9 said. “We need to give our youth something to feel proud of just like they are with Sean John, Echo, and Rocawear.”

AOG is also cognizant of separatist, inferior, and often “me-too” reputation of most Christian alternatives.

“The separation is in our message - not our clothes. We want it to be current with the styles of today. Future concepts may not even have a written or literal Christian message on them, but may just be designed uniquely,” Lewis said.

“I wouldn’t endorse something that’s cheesy,” Tre9 said. “Those who have followed my career know that if I put my name to something it has to represent my Lord in excellence.”

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