Friday, November 7, 2008

Kanye West bites Pigeon John?

My man Ruslan from theBREAX crew sparked this discussion on the message boards when Ye's song was first leaked saying it sounded like the sing-songy stuff from the "Pigeon John Sings the Blues" and "Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister" albums (minus the Auto-Tune of course.)

It gets worse when you compare the just released animated video (below) to the fan-created image (at the top) PJ's had on his MySpace page for over a year. Peep the full beard, suit coat, et al.

Yikes! Do we have another CY/T-Pain issue on our hands?

Of course Pigeon predicted people would eventually take his steez. Check this verse from the "Dating Your Sister" album.

"I don't really care what they think / tomorrow they'll be doing my song / and will be claiming it's new / and 10 years ago they used to say 'That ain't even hip hop' / now they're dipped in a Sinatra suit

And actin' real silly / thinkin' PJ's a joke / but they'll be doin' exactly what I do / I'll tell you what / I'll give you my style right now to save time / Cuz it takes time for you to chew / Obviously...."

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carlos.promote.trevino said...

man... stink bait... show'em the truth yo!!!