Saturday, November 15, 2008

More remix videos from DJ Primo

DJ Primo is killing it with more remixes. Clips and details below from his post on message board. My fave out of these three is the Lecrae "Praying for You" remix.


I highly suggest that you join the Holy Culture Record Pool, that's where I get most of my acapellas and instrumentals from. If you are serious about DJin' you must consider joining, it's worth the $$$ plus you get stuff that you will not get ANYWHERE else.

OK enough on the record pool check out the videos.

Urban D. - UnOrthodox "Subelo" Reggaeton

Here I mixed UnOrthodox Acapella with Funky's (a Christian Reggaeton Artist)Instrumental "Subelo". The acapella I got from Urban D's UnOrthodox EP and the instrumental came on Funky's CD "Corriendo Para Ganar" Both songs are about the same Beats Per Minute (BPM)

Urban D. - UnOrthodox DJ Primo Reggaeton Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

Urban D. - UnOrthodox "Where You From "

Same thing as the previous video, but this time I mixed the acapella with Oppose's "Where You From" Instrumental (Check out Where You From Part 2 on DJ Morph's International Album it's hot)

Urban D - Un-Orthodox DJ Primo (Where U From) Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

Lecrae - Praying For You "Hands Up"

I got "Praying For You" Acapella from HC record pool, then I mixed it with Kierra "KiKi" Sheard's Instrumental of Hands Up. I believe one of the DJ's at the 1 Accord DJ alliance hooked me up with that. I'm going to say it was DJ LACE.

Lecrae - Praying For You DJ Primo (Hands Up) Remix from DJ Primo on Vimeo.

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