Thursday, August 27, 2009

Incorporated Elements online - Founder DJ Form now touring with Kelly Clarkson reports that Incorporated Elements is now online.

Many of you remember Incorporated Elements and owner, Ric Robbins aka "DJ Form" as the production company behind many of Grits biggest hits like "Here We Go", "Ooh Ahh", "They All Fall Down" and "Alcoholic Plagiarism."

Form was also the touring DJ for both Grits and dcTalk for 9 years.

In addition to that, he’s currently on tour with multi-platinum artist Kelly Clarkson as her DJ and percussionist. Here’s a quick clip of KC introducing him as part of her band at a recent show.

Vidz: Applejaxx video

Cereal killa Applejaxx now has some flowing visuals to go along with his distinctly Nureau flow. Peep the clip for "Applejaxx/Green as Luigi" below.

His Back to the Future album drops 09.09.09.

Applejaxx Music Video from Fadacy on Vimeo.

Syntax Records goes to Russia

On November 16 – 23, Syntax Records is heading to Russia to serve with Youth For Christ, Youth With A Mission and The Salvation Army. They’ll also be attending and performing at the largest Christian Music festival in that country.

The label is asking fans to pray for them before and after this trip.

And should you like to also financially support their efforts, they have announced that for every $10 in donations they receive, they will send you a Syntax CD of your choice AND donate one to the ministry efforts in Russia.

Visit for more details.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free DL: The Save Darfur Now (JustparaDOX & Fred Lynch of CHH pioneer group P.I.D.)

I always like to see when Christian rappers include social justice issues in their music.

Dallas' JustparaDOX has been assembling MCs for a The Save Darfur Now compilation and recently leaked one of the cuts that features Fred Lynch of CHH pioneer group P.I.D.

Check it out for yourself right here.

Free DL: The Overflow Mixtape


Fellow Texan S.M. Souljah (of Daily Records 24/7) let me know he's offering his The Overflow Mixtape for a FREE download.

He explained this mixtape is an "overflow" from his album Spiritual Havoc (availiable on and prelude to his sophmore release The Echo.

I've given it a few spins and like the dude's punchiness. He's also got some CHH remixes on there too.

Get your copy here.

Vidz: The Good News Talk Show

Detroit's Timashion "The Visionaire" Jones (who created the extensive God's Army 6:12 Christian rap album & commentary book) hipped me to his new Good News Talk Show on YouTube.

Vis tells me he's shooting it all via his iPhone (dontcha just love technology?) and plans to put up a new episode each week.

This one hits on his "3 Tips to a Healthy Marriage: Bible, Bed, & Budget."

Freddie Bruno's "Bruce Lee Mixtape" drops

That FREE "Bruce Lee Mixtape" of beats by Freddie Bruno (deepspace5) is out now.

Grab it here and wish the author a Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Illect signs producer/MC Theory Hazit: Two new albums dropping October 2009


Word on the street is that Illect Recordings has signed producer/MC Theory Hazit (of Scribbling Idiots) and will be dropping two albums of freshness this October.

Info at this point:


Project #1: Theory Hazit & Toni Shift "Modern Marvels"
Project #2: Theory Hazit "Lord Fire 2"

Listen & grab a FREE download of the trippy "Modern Marvels" feat. Wildchild and Lightheaded from here.

I'm Back from 2040

Last week Sho Baraka (aka @lionsandliars) started what turned out to be a fun Twitter trend of #imbackfrom2040. The spark was the different levels of outrage between Michael Vick's crimes and Rick Patino's mistress's abortion.

Here's the rundown. Hopefully you'll find them as interesting as I did.

lionsandliars: I'm back from the year 2040, and I'm sorry to say that Dogs, trees, and whales are still more important than humans.

lionsandliars: I'm starting a trend: #Imbackfrom2040 and skinny jeans are still unnacceptable on men!

lionsandliars: #imbackfrom2040 and when you say the gospel, people say,"Oh that one movie with all those Black people! Yeah that was terrible!"

vincentpowell: #imbackfrom2040 and when you say Jesus kids leave cookies and milk out...they think He's a joke. Yet, EVERY KNEE shall bow!!

smsouljah: @LionsandLiars #imbackfrom2040 and ppl still consider Toby Mac HHH!! And D-Maub submitted over 20,000 leaks 2 wrecked all of em!

SketchtheJ: Like @LionsandLiars, #Imbackfrom2040 and the "Christian rapper" vs. "Rapper who is a Christian" debate still rages on.

SketchtheJ: Guess what? #Imbackfrom2040 and Ryan Seacrest and Larry King still have jobs on TV.

SketchtheJ: Also, #Imbackfrom2040 and robot rappers are using a vocal effect called "HumanTune."

SketchtheJ: #Imbackfrom2040 and @wadeoradio is on Hot 97 and syndicated across the country. Same lame monotone cat doing the Holy Hip Hop News Blasts.

SketchtheJ: Fire up your Playstation 12 or Xbox 720: Madden 40 is out today. Brett Farve is unretired (again) & on the cover. #imbackfrom2040

SketchtheJ: Sho nuff: #imbackfrom2040 and fat laced Adidas are still fresh.

SketchtheJ: It FINALLY happened: Lil Wayne ran out of skin space for tats. He's outsourcing them now. #imbackfrom2040

SketchtheJ: Just caught up to some lyrics from Andre 3000, @redcloudhiphop, and Jurny Big. #imbackfrom2040

SketchtheJ: #imbackfrom2040 and can't believe I just heard ANOTHER "Air Jordan On 'Em" remix.

Xodiz: #imbackfrom2040 and Gucci Mane and Oj Da Juice are still realeasing a new mixtape every week. Lord help us!

SketchtheJ: #imbackfrom2040 and brothas with bass are letting the trunks rattle. As per @poptheculture: That is STILL not cool!

More JF videos / Make Your Own

A few more JoshuaFest videos have surfaced from Syntax Creative. You can also create your own version by downloading the intro and outro available here (14bm QuickTime).

After you make your remix, e-mail letting them know about it, and they will post it on the official JoshuaFest website!

Other clips:

Sam Hart remembers JF
Jeremiah Bonds recalls JF

Ajax Starglider's Cambodian documentary


Future Shock group member Ajax Starglider and Moxey Creative have finished travel to Cambodia and production of a film documenting the work of Cama Services and their Moringa Tree Project.

“We were on a tight schedule but managed to capture some images that express the wonderful beauty of the Cambodian people,” Starglider said.


Now, post production begins and within a month they will be releasing the documentary. The Moringa Tree Project works toward providing clean water which in turn helps AIDS victims have stronger immune systems, helps stabilize high blood pressure, and makes a strong cup of tea.

Ajax Starglider has two current releases including the full length "Middle Class Artisan" and an EP titled "Middle Class Broadcast".

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vid: CHH Pioneer performs on Jimmy Fallon

You might remember this from May.

In case you missed it Friday night, Christian hip hop pioneer Alton Lee (of D.O.C.) and his First Family were invited to perform their "Jimmy Fallon Dip" with JF and in front of The Roots and on the 100th episode of the show.


Their first remix video

Disciples of Christ (D.O.C.)

Vid: Can Your Uth Pastor Get Krunk?

Perhaps Reach Records should start including dance instructional videos with the music.

Wait for the socks at the 2:02 minute mark.

A tip of the hat to the Jesus Needs New PR blog for the find.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Listener show this Sunday


deepspace5's Listener is bringing his unique "talk music" back to Houston this Sunday night. The big homie Derrick Fury is also on the bill.

Be thurr!


Listener - Houston show - Dean's Credit Clothing

Monday, August 10, 2009

T-Bone to drop last rap album in 2010

Sphere of Hip is reporting that T-Bone has announced that his last rap album will be released in 2010. From there, he'll move on to Caribbean and South American fused Praise & Worship music.

Enjoy T-Bone getting his Snoop on in this throwback clip for "Ride Wit Me."

All Eyes On Me Awards Put On Pause To Focus On External Ministry

Christian hip hop’s premier awards show has been put on pause for 2009 to better focus on external ministry efforts. Event founder Bobby “Tre9” Herring said he made the decision after much prayer and discussion with his team and other leaders.

“I think it’s evident that if God wanted us to continue this year it would have happened by now,” Tre9 said. “Instead, I’m really feeling drawn to devote my time and energy to organizing more external ministry efforts and to focusing on the development of the and non-profit companies He has appointed me to steward.”


Periods of hiatus for such events are not unusual. T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest was cancelled in 2007 and 2008 and Crossover Church’s popular Flavor Fest is taking off this year in order to better prepare for its tenth anniversary in 2010.

For each of the All Eyes On Me Awards’ nine years, Herring has taken a personal financial hit. He hopes that further developing and monetizing the multi-media site he co-owns (which recently registered 16 million hits in a single month) will offer a better support base for the event.

“In this economy, I think it’s also wise for us to take the focus off of ourselves and instead look to serve others,” Tre9 said.

Such comments are not mere talk. In April, Tre9’s Much Luvv Records partnered with Rap-A-Lot Records for a Hip Hop Hope Family Fun Day at the Prince Complex. This summer he’s been holding similar Hip Hop Hope Tuesday events at the 5th Ward facility to engage and encourage the community through the revolutionary message of Jesus the Christ.


And now that he’s free of AEOM commitments for a time period, he’ll be able to spend additional energy assisting Much Luvv artist Von Won’s third annual Holy Hip Hop for Hunger event at Rice University on September 11.

“I’m not saying we’re going to quit the awards show forever, but we’re definitely quitting for now,” Tre9 said. “Prayerfully God will bless our efforts elsewhere and continue to make Him known to a world that desperately needs Him.”

To keep up with Tre9’s ministry efforts, visit his blog at

About the All Eyes On Me Awards Show:

The awards show began in the summer of 2002 by honoring the pioneers of the industry within its hometown. After three additional years of only Houston nominees, the show went statewide in 2006 and 2007 by honoring individuals from across Texas.

The event recognized artists, retailers, pastors, media representatives, DJ’s, graphic designers, vendors and others for their outstanding achievements and contributions in the inspirational hip hop music industry. Awards were given in over 30 different categories to the genre’s upper echelon of power movers and shakers.

In 2008, it increased to a national scope and was renamed the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sketch article: Frontlynaz cover story in Tha Message Magazine's Summer 09 issue


Frontlynaz in da' buildiiinnnnggg!

Those East Coast boys are the subject of my cover story in the Summer 09 issue of Tha Message Magazine. I just received these copies in Friday night.

Good word is you can get yours too. Hit up or (BIG NEWS) soon it will be available to you on news stands through Ingram Distribution.

Here's your article teaser:
Perhaps your first introduction to Proph 1, Bro. Wize, and Wit was when the computer-talk club banger "Gunz Down" got spun on The Wade-O Radio show. Or maybe you took notice after their independently released Game Over album received a surprise Stellar Award nomination alongside bigger titles from labels like Cross Movement and Reach Records. Or possibly, it was when their "Can't Break Us" anthem from DJ Morph's International mixtape rocked your favorite online video spot with top notch visuals and vocals.

But while they may be new to you, it's important to note that these dudes have been "Frontlynaz" for years.

Vidz: DJ Primo's scratch records melt

DJ Primo + Texas heat = Melted scratch records

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vidz: HHH Names vs. Rock Band Names

DJ Soundwav breakes down holy hip hop stage names versus Christian rock band names. It's a little long, but is well edited and funny.

Favorite line:
"When I first heard Lecrae I thought it was like a French biscuit."

The "Angel" coffee mug gets me too.

I didn't know Soundwav before, but I promise you I'm going to follow him now.

Props to Cookbook for the Retweet that turned me onto this.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Vidz: Self-recording "The 1st Von Won"

I stumbled across this vid last week and just got an advance copy of the new Answering the Call album from Von Won.

In this clip you can see/hear the making of his probable launch single - "The 1st Von Won."

I gotta admit the wide-receiver-who-passes-to-himself trick makes me smile - as do the lyrics.

I ain't trying to be the next Lecrae
or the next 'Pac
The next Notorious B.I.G.
or the next Barack
I'm just tryin' to be the first Von Won
All I can be is the first Von Won

I ain't trying to be the next Jigga
or the next Kanye
The next Young Jeezy
the next Lil Wayne
I'm just tryin' to be the first Von Won
all I can be is the first Von Won

Answering the Call drops September 15.

Jubilee Music

Speaking of KJ-52, his touring turntablist DJ X hipped me to this group from his XL Management company.

A mix of hip-pop and acoustic worship, Jubilee and her band now present a full project titled Running from Sunday.

If the name and voice sounds familiar it may be because you recall her on KJ-52's "#1 Fan" song or from the KJ-52 Remix the Remix Mixtape. (She's also the sister-in-law of SOI's other half - goldinchild.)

Cop the new project here and download some free tracks from a live EP here.

Peep their performance of "Oxygen" from RAW TV.

KJ-52's "52 Television" cover art

A short while back Tweezy released the cover art for his upcoming 52 Television album.

Check the tracklist and tons other glossy promo pics at

Notable hip hop guests include: Da' T.R.U.T.H., Braille, Theory Hazit, and J.R. He's also got some CCM rock & pop names on there too.

Vidz: "Nikon Camera Flash" - Eshon Burgundy

Like "Food for Thought" by Joel Ortiz, Eshon Burgundy's clip for "Nikon Camera Flash" is another great example of how to make a low budget video look better than it should.

Green screens don't have to be cheesy kids. Rap skills help as well.

Download his "The Fire Escape Mixtape" here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reading Assignments

Two online pieces you need to read.

1. My man Edward Shelton asks "Is there a mold for a Christian Hip Hop Artist?"

2. LaRosa Johnson wonders if Holy Hip Hop is Entertainment or Edification?

Also check the link at the end for his meaty Scripture study guide sample to go along with Excelsius' "Change or Die" track from his Liberation album.

Preview: The Bruce Lee Mixtape - Freddie B

Freddie B-R-U-no is set to drop The Bruce Lee Mixtape on his b-day (August 20) in a few weeks. He recently Tweeted that this beat tape will be full of samples from all of Lee's classic kung-fu flix.

Listen to the first leak, "Teacher!" right 'chere.

Vidz: "Take Me Out" - RBS

RBS, one of the first Christian acts off of Von Won's Southern Xposure Entertainment label, drops this southern style swanger featuring VW, F.O.E. and Testimony.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WILT: [Proverb.] the poet - [For the Kids.]

What I'm Listening To:

[Proverb.] the poet's - [For the Kids.]

I got a hold of this a little while ago with a slew of other albums and just now got around to loading it into iTunes and the iPod.

I learned he's an 18 year old honor student from San Diego who will soon be studying Music Technology at NYU via a Steinhardt Scholarship.

He also recently held down the #2 sales spot at


Proverb reminds me a bit of the young Braille Brizzy. Quality, artsy beats and lyrics that are particularly surprising when you learn the MC's age.

(Side note: He looks a little bit like Will Smith's son Jaden too.)

Listen and download: "Right Now" feat Beleaf of theBREAX

I'll definitely be giving it a few more spins soon.

Peep the EPK:

Brinson LIVE! DVD


GodChaserz' Brinson celebrates his birthday this week with a 3-D Party in Jacksonville, FLA.

He also announced via Twitter this morning that he's got a new "Brinson LIVE!" DVD for sale.

It's got over 2 hours of performance footage from The Pangea Live and Urban D's Cross Over Community Church. Also, behind the scenes clips from the "Solar Powered" music video.

You also get the full "Solar Powered" joint and 3 episodes of his funny "Extreme Witnessing 101" series.

Buy it here for less than $20.

Free DL: Knine's "Robots Have Feelings Too"

After a 2 year hiatus, The Dog is back.

Twenty-seven heaters for FREE. Grab your copy here.

Props to Knine for putting this out for no-cake and for putting it in such a pretty package.

Vidz: Joshua Fest Tales (4 of 6)

MaxOne breaks it down this time around.

H-town Christian rappers Soulbrotha & Tre9 get local mainstream press


H-town's Soulbrotha and Tre9 recently garnered some good press in our city's two newspapers.

SB got the "Ask a Rapper" grill in the mainstream alternative Houston Press. My man deftly handled questions about selling out, Bushwick Bill, and other topics with grace, aplumb, and good humor.

Read it right here.

And over the weekend, Tre9 got a write up in the Houston Chronicle about his Hip Hop Hope Tuesdays at Rap-A-Lot's Prince Complex in 5th Ward.

Peep it right here.