Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back from 2040

Last week Sho Baraka (aka @lionsandliars) started what turned out to be a fun Twitter trend of #imbackfrom2040. The spark was the different levels of outrage between Michael Vick's crimes and Rick Patino's mistress's abortion.

Here's the rundown. Hopefully you'll find them as interesting as I did.

lionsandliars: I'm back from the year 2040, and I'm sorry to say that Dogs, trees, and whales are still more important than humans.

lionsandliars: I'm starting a trend: #Imbackfrom2040 and skinny jeans are still unnacceptable on men!

lionsandliars: #imbackfrom2040 and when you say the gospel, people say,"Oh that one movie with all those Black people! Yeah that was terrible!"

vincentpowell: #imbackfrom2040 and when you say Jesus kids leave cookies and milk out...they think He's a joke. Yet, EVERY KNEE shall bow!!

smsouljah: @LionsandLiars #imbackfrom2040 and ppl still consider Toby Mac HHH!! And D-Maub submitted over 20,000 leaks 2 dasouth.com wrecked all of em!

SketchtheJ: Like @LionsandLiars, #Imbackfrom2040 and the "Christian rapper" vs. "Rapper who is a Christian" debate still rages on.

SketchtheJ: Guess what? #Imbackfrom2040 and Ryan Seacrest and Larry King still have jobs on TV.

SketchtheJ: Also, #Imbackfrom2040 and robot rappers are using a vocal effect called "HumanTune."

SketchtheJ: #Imbackfrom2040 and @wadeoradio is on Hot 97 and syndicated across the country. Same lame monotone cat doing the Holy Hip Hop News Blasts.

SketchtheJ: Fire up your Playstation 12 or Xbox 720: Madden 40 is out today. Brett Farve is unretired (again) & on the cover. #imbackfrom2040

SketchtheJ: Sho nuff: #imbackfrom2040 and fat laced Adidas are still fresh.

SketchtheJ: It FINALLY happened: Lil Wayne ran out of skin space for tats. He's outsourcing them now. #imbackfrom2040

SketchtheJ: Just caught up to some lyrics from Andre 3000, @redcloudhiphop, and Jurny Big. #imbackfrom2040

SketchtheJ: #imbackfrom2040 and can't believe I just heard ANOTHER "Air Jordan On 'Em" remix.

Xodiz: #imbackfrom2040 and Gucci Mane and Oj Da Juice are still realeasing a new mixtape every week. Lord help us!

SketchtheJ: #imbackfrom2040 and brothas with bass are letting the trunks rattle. As per @poptheculture: That is STILL not cool!

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