Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WILT: [Proverb.] the poet - [For the Kids.]

What I'm Listening To:

[Proverb.] the poet's - [For the Kids.]

I got a hold of this a little while ago with a slew of other albums and just now got around to loading it into iTunes and the iPod.

I learned he's an 18 year old honor student from San Diego who will soon be studying Music Technology at NYU via a Steinhardt Scholarship.

He also recently held down the #2 sales spot at HolyCultureDownload.com.


Proverb reminds me a bit of the young Braille Brizzy. Quality, artsy beats and lyrics that are particularly surprising when you learn the MC's age.

(Side note: He looks a little bit like Will Smith's son Jaden too.)

Listen and download: "Right Now" feat Beleaf of theBREAX

I'll definitely be giving it a few more spins soon.

Peep the EPK:


dca said...

Great CD, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

This Dude Became My Favorite Rapper By Listening To The First 2 Songs, Narcolepsy is HEAT! he is easily one of the best out and he is only 18, i havent heard anyone lyrics go harder than his forreal.

Anonymous said...

my favorite tracks are Narcolepsy, Sunday's Thought, and Cant Stop.