Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sketch article: Frontlynaz cover story in Tha Message Magazine's Summer 09 issue


Frontlynaz in da' buildiiinnnnggg!

Those East Coast boys are the subject of my cover story in the Summer 09 issue of Tha Message Magazine. I just received these copies in Friday night.

Good word is you can get yours too. Hit up or (BIG NEWS) soon it will be available to you on news stands through Ingram Distribution.

Here's your article teaser:
Perhaps your first introduction to Proph 1, Bro. Wize, and Wit was when the computer-talk club banger "Gunz Down" got spun on The Wade-O Radio show. Or maybe you took notice after their independently released Game Over album received a surprise Stellar Award nomination alongside bigger titles from labels like Cross Movement and Reach Records. Or possibly, it was when their "Can't Break Us" anthem from DJ Morph's International mixtape rocked your favorite online video spot with top notch visuals and vocals.

But while they may be new to you, it's important to note that these dudes have been "Frontlynaz" for years.

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