Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Christian Rap Pioneer Wins Jimmy Fallon Dance Contest?

Is the “Stanky Leg” too much for you? How about “The Jimmy Fallon Dip?”

If you’re looking for the country’s next hip hop dance craze it might just be this little ditty from gospel rap pioneer Alton Lee, of the group Disciples Of Christ, and his First Family.

The crew has been poppin’ and lockin’ for a while, and now Lee and his son are in the running for a dance contest for the former Saturday Night Live comedian’s late night talk fest.

“The Jimmy Fallon Dip” received air time on the show this week and the winning entry will be announced tonight, Tuesday May 26.

Here’s hoping we’ll see ?uestlove and the rest of The Roots house band getting their Kid-n-Play-on with helpful instruction from a Christian Rap trailblazer.

Watch Jimmy react to their clip below:

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