Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ambassador & Cross Movement Part Ways (Sketch's Thoughts)

As many of you may already know, the gospel rap community was shocked this week to learn that Cross Movement Records and William “Duce” Branch, aka The Ambassador, had parted ways.

(You can read the official statement here.)

This split and the manner in which it was handled was both frustrating and deeply disappointing. To be honest, it’s been a challenge for many of us to know how to deal with the information in a way that adheres to Scriptural guidelines for such separations and yet refuses to feed our gossip-hungry flesh.

I find it sad too, that this issue would rear its head so close to the release of Duce’s last album, “The Chop Chop,” where the historically distant MC finally seemed to be opening up and more relatable by sharing specific details of his personal life and struggles in songs like “Checkin’ for My God.”

I think we can all agree that our top priority should be to pray for all of the individuals involved. Not that this relationship can be restored so we get more Ambassador albums, but that the man, William Branch and those around him are all in the center of our Lord’s perfect will.

In the words of my man Ricky B, God is NOT in the music business - he’s in the PEOPLE business.

Grace and peace.


Anonymous said...

Yo Sketch,

First time posting on your site. I enjoy your HH News Blasts and special props on your mix of Air Jordon! lol That was a good one.

Hey man, it sounds like you think the whole Amba situation was handled poorly. Do you think the way it was handled wasn't Biblicall?

Sketch the Journalist said...

Thanks for all the kind words bro. (The comment published as Anonymous so I don't know who you really are.)

I mainly meant that I didn't think it was necessary to put the whole business out there.

Just say he's not with CM any more and let him make a statement as to why later on if he wants.

I don't know all the details though so perhaps there was a good reason to handle it this way.

But from my perspective, it seems like it was a little overdone in a way that could be harmful.