Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free DL: KJ-52's "The Office / 52 Television Prequel" mixtape full mp3

If you wanna hear KJ-52 get loose, be sure to grab his FREE "The Office" / 52 Television Prequel mixtape here.

It’s definitely cool to hear him flex over some hot beats from the likes of the Clipse, Jay-Z, and Timbaland.

Also fun to hear some soundbites from one of my fave TV show added to the mix. Too bad he didn't include the "Warehouse Rap" with DJ Jazzy Flax.

And believe me, dude goes off.

You talkin smack,
Wheel of Fortune cats,
I'll call you Pat,
You never Say Jack

-"Flava in Your Ear" freeverse

Like that other white MC he's always getting compared to, I think Angry KJ > Poppy KJ


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