Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Podcast You Need To Listen To (Part B)

My man DJ Wade-O let k-Drama take over the Larry King chair for an entire show to promote his upcoming "BoomBaptism" album. (Catch my review on before next Tuesday's drop date.)

The result: a deliciously funny and depth probing two hours Regis coined "k-Drama Wadio."

And don't miss the "Stretch the Plagiarist - HHH on Blast" parody segment he did with my full blessing.

Dude got my monotone and errryything.

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• Episode Preview
• "Let's Go"-D-M.A.U.B. (Urban Legend)
• "Man on Fire"- Sean Slaughter (Man on Fire)
• "I'm Back"- J.Johnson (The Struggle)
• Random Thoughts by k-Drama
• "Put Your Love On Me"-Marvin Winans Jr. (Image of a Man)
• "Love Like Crazy"- Kierra "KiKi" Sheard (Bold Right Life)
• k-Drama Sings Me Crazy
• "Autotoon"- k-Drama (Sing Me Crazy Submission)
• DJ Wade-O interview Part 1
• "Testify"-Shai Linne (Storiez)
• DJ Wade-O Interview Part 2
Stretch the Plagiarist-HHH on Blast
• "Better Days"-Ambassador, Da Truth & Michelle Bonilla (Urban Compositions)
• DJ Wade-O Part 3
• "My Lady"-Street Pastor (The Underdogg's Anthem)
• "Do it All Again"-k-Drama (untitled)
• DJ Wade-O Part 4
• "Joyful Noise"-Flame & Lecrae (Our World Redeemed)

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