Saturday, December 29, 2007

List: Top 10 HHH Videos of 2007

Granted errrbody and they mamma got a "Top X" list (hey, it's the end of the year and, as journalists, we're feeling just as lazy as you) but I ask that you induldge me on my first bullet ranking.

Without further ado, I propose these are the best holy hip hop videos of 2007.

10. T-Bone – “Name Droppin”

Nashville’s CCM scene gets some love via cameos and moniker mentions from The Redeemed Hoodlum.

9. Othello – “Let’s Just”

Live action and animation with colorful backgrounds and wordplay comprise a clip that would make Common jealous.

8. Ras – “Bank On That”

The veteran gets to floss like a boss while braggin’ on his Daddy. (Side note: This clip set off a rash of H-town video recordings. Sometimes you just need a spark.)


You didn't really expect me to do a video blog without plugging my very first cameo did you?!?

S.O.M. – “You Don’t Know Me Like Dat”

Creativity, humor, and great cameos (Bushwick Bill, Shei Atkins, CY, Bruce Bang, DJ D-Lite, Gifted, and yours truly) artfully conceal the low budget of this bold cut.

7. Pigeon John – “Freaks”

If you need an introduction to PJ, watch this cut for a great summary of his silly, artsy, dope form of Christians doing hiphop.

6. Pettidee – “I’m A Vet”

Respect due and respect earned with this highly professional clip. Listen in for the old school HHH names dropped in the last verse.

5. John Reuben – “Word of Mouth”

Another excellently animated video (see #1 for the first) that takes us off the beaten path to Johnny Reubonic’s new sound.

4. Da’ T.R.U.T.H feat. Tye Tribbet – “Who Am I?”

Although not as visually impressive as some of the others on this list, it was undoubtedly the most successful, (gospel market) crossover cut of the year.

3. Knine – “For You”

YouTube at its greatest: “The Passion of the Christ” recut scene for scene to match the Dog’s hiphop spin on the Easter story.

2. Mr. J Medieros – “Constance”

Gut-wrenching illustration of the dark realities of the porn and sex slave industries. One of (if not the) most important videos in HHH history.

1. Theory Hazit – “I Just Wanna Go Home”

Simple, shape-shifting black and white animation communicates the soul-bearing personal story of Theory Hazit to near-perfection.

Honorable mentions:

Agree? Disagree? Feel like I overlooked someone (your crew's cut obviously)? Lemme know in the Commments section.


APN said...

Good choices all around. I'll always have a soft spot in my HHH heart for Da T.R.U.T.H.

Here's MY Top 10 (and more!) albums of the year list --


The RAS Report said...

Good choices, Sketch, although some them dudes I don't know who the heck they are.