Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update: CHH Kite Program


A few updates on our Christian Hip Hop Kite Program that seems to be gaining momentum.

First, thanks for all the sites and blogs that helped promote this including the Houston Chronicle's faith blog, The Wade-O Radio Show, Holy,, and others.

Second, I have a new name for us courtesy of Houston's IBC.

Pharoah is a member of Houston's underground Street Military/South Park Coalition collective. IBC tells me he's been writing Pharaoh for a minute.

You can hit him at the address below:

Pharaoh aka Mr. D.J. Burton # 1151396
Coffield unit
Rt.1 box 150
Tennessee Colony, Tx. 75884

And finally, 007 recently Tweeted that:
My homie New Life (fka Lo Life) got sentenced to 32 years in 05, the parole board will take notice [of this.]
Now go pick up a pen and pad.

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