Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best live show ever?!? Pigeon John @ Relevant Magazine's 5th Anniversary Party

Photo by Sketch the Journalist (Houston show)

Okay, so maybe not ever, but it's gotta be pretty high up the list.

I already knew Pigeon John was capable of controlling a crowd - but my man has stepped his game UP here.

Check out his near seamless hour-long set at the Relevant Magazine 5th Anniversary Party and tell me who you know that can rock a crowd like this?

Peep how he moves from song to song, switches up the back beats, gives the DJ his set, mixes in some familiar tunes, intros his songs, gives explanation for his songs, etc. etc.

Here's the link to download the mp3.

They play the recording of his set about 25 minutes into the podcast.

Relevant has also posted some photos from the show.

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