Tuesday, June 16, 2009

theBREAX Restocked 1.5


theBREAX have released a 1.5 version of their Restocked album on iTunes today.

A few notes on this enhanced version:
  • Five new songs
  • Remastered music
  • Those who bought the Hybrid DVD and decide to buy the full version of the digital album will get a $10 discount to theBREAX new online store which features exclusive clothing that up to this point could only be purchased at live concerts.
  • An album release concert this Friday, June 19th at theMovement in San Marcos, Ca

You can read my review of the hybrid DVD version here.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it Mr J Medeiros and not Medieros?

Sketch the Journalist said...

You're right on Medeiros. Good catch.

theBREAX made and sent me that flyer so I can't correct it on my end.