Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thoughts on Rootbeer's remix album

Fun loving hipster duo Rootbeer (Flynn Adam and Pigeon John) recently posted a six-track remix EP of “Pink Limousine” and “Girlies.”

I enjoyed the full “Pink Limosuine” EP when it dropped a few months ago and always love a fresh take on a familiar song. Add in the facts that two remixes are done by notable Christian hip hop figures Ohmega Watts and Theory Hazit and that this thing (appears to be) FREE and you’ve mos def got my ear.

Here are my thoughts on the reworks:

Pink Limousine (Ohmega Watts Lil’ Havana ’83 Remix)
- Enhanced drums and breaks, but still sounds a little bit like a Track-A-over-Track-B remix.

Pink Limousine (Ugly Zombie Remix)
- Lots of energy and feels like a brand new song. Something you might suspect to hear in an alien night club.

Pink Limousine (Eligh Remix)
- A more emotional, dirge-like interpretation. I can imagine this playing in a tape deck of a pink limousine driving me to a funeral.

Girlies (Theory Hazit Remix)
- Fun and poppy. Gets the toes tapping for sure.

Girlies (Remot Remix)
- Gives the song a soulful, European flavor. The lyrics are cut and chopped like an H-town title, but the samples will make you think you’re sitting in a trendy French café.

Girlies (Daedalus Remix)
- This one seems too technical and robotic to me. Its sterile aesthetic robs the great humor of the original.

So obviously, my faves are the “PL Ugly Zombie” and “Eligh” remixes along with the “Girlies Remot” flip.

Listen to clips and download your own copies here.

Cop the first run at either iTunes or

Footnote: On “Pink Limos,” Pigeon John’s lyric is “got no time for silly ducks clucking with the fake looks.” It’s clean y’all!

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