Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sketch article: KJ-52 in Tha Message Magazine

The next issue of Tha Message Mag drops next week and features my cover story with KJ-52. We talked a few days before he was filming his "Stuck in the 80's" video and got in some good convo about why he maintains so many connection points with his fans and what he's planning for his next album.

Here's your teaser:
KJ-52 has a lot on his mind.

On the night we spoke, he had spent most of the day on the phone doing publicity and coordination for the coming weekend’s “Stuck in the 80’s” album release party/concert/video shoot.

Apparently re-creating the look and feel of the “Me First” decade of cheese is a lot of work.

In addition to scavenging thrift-stores and eBay for classic British Knights and bag phone props, he’s also heading to a Seattle studio with super-producer Aaron Sprinkle to craft the next KJ album and planning for upcoming tour dates with The Newsboys.

Oh yeah, KJ’s also cataloging almost all of this via a multitude of web-based fan connection outlets. YouTube. Twitter. Weekly podcasts. Video devotion blogs. Dude does it all. But how?
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PayDay of Tha Message Magazine said...

Nice story....I've read it MANY times already...LOL...thanks homie.