Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pray for The Elements Church

Brother E from Rap Fest passes along this prayer request. Please lift them in your regular communication with our Father.

Hi folks.
This is just a quick email to ask you for prayer for the Elements. We have been in negotiations with a realtor and owner of a building for a 3,000 square foot spot.

It looks like we'll have it by February 1st. So please keep us in prayer as we look to move forward with whatever the Lord has for The Elements church. Once we sign the lease I'll let you know the exact address and all that.

Thank you for your prayers already! Much luv,


1 comment:

Brother E said...

Thanks for the prayers yall. Just an update, the owner of the spot was actually playing us against another potential tenant and chose to go with them while raising the price. They offered us the spot "if we paid more." We decided the spot wasn't for us.

So, we're back on the grind looking for another spot.

Again, thanks for the prayers yall!