Monday, January 5, 2009

Clearing the Air: Behind the DJ D-Lite / HCR Split

Sketch & Vic @ the 2006 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards

DJ D-Lite @ the 2007 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards

Business separations are a reality - even between Christian brothers.

Just before the Christmas break there was split between DJ D-Lite and Holy Culture Radio. I've spent some time with both guys (Vic "DJ MVP" Padilla - the founder of HCR) and hated to see this divide. But in talking with them shortly afterward, we seemed to all be in agreement that the facts behind the issues should be fairly and accurately presented to their respective audiences so that gossip could be squashed and cats could learn.

The article was sent to as many CHH websites and media outlets as I know. It hit their Inboxes at the same time and it was their prerogative whether or not to publish it.

Here are links to the story on the principal players' websites (in alphabetical order). Take your pick and let me know what you think. The text is the same, but obviously each site has different community members that have provided their own comments.

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