Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's salute DJ Primo

Worst photo background ever? We met up halfway between each of our offices and asked a stranger to snap the flick. What can you do?

This was one of those Christian hip-hop-packed weeks for me. It's been a while, but I love it.

First up - on Monday I finally got to link up with DJ Primo to accept the war-flown flag he brought back from his last tour of duty in Afghanistan.

You might remember similar flags he's given to Tre9 and the 116 Clique.

Primo is a true blood who has proudly served this country via the United States Army Reserves. During his last TOD I tried to do my best to shoot him a care package or note every now and then.

I'm honored to accept this flag and just wanted to give him a big shout and some love here. Next time you see him, please do the same.

And if you wanna check out the King of Christian Chopped & Screw - grab his most recent efforts for Rawsrvnt or on the Chopped Up Volume 1 comp by Truvine and friends.

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