Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why doesn't BET play Tye Tribbet's "Good in the Hood" on 106 & Park?

This is an outstanding song and video. My question is why isn't BET running it on 106 & Park?

I don't mean their Generation Gospel show either. It's already been there (well, at least the first minute a half.) I'm talking about the "real" 106 & Park.

It's professional.

It's uplifting.

It's a message that needs to reinforced.

Tye's already a part of the BET family via the GenGospel show.

And Obama is now president. (Alright, so that's not AS pertinent, but there does seem to be a general air of hope and positivity now, right?)

Here's my fear and frustration with the GenGospel show - that stuff like this will be relegated to the Christian kiddie table and never get to sit with the big boys. How do we prevent that?

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