Sunday, January 4, 2009

Promo: Chopped Up release party - Jan 10


Truvine and DJ Primo's "Chopped Up" album is now complete and you can get your hands on it at two release party concerts.

The first will be held on Saturday, January 10 at Life 4 Square Church in Angleton, Texas. The second will be during Von Won's 4th Fridays Fellowship in Pasadena on February 27. (Look for my photo blog recap from whichever one I can get to.)

Truvine tells me it's the spiritual successor to the Slow Lane Chronicles project that a grip of H-town boys got together on several years ago and that was chopped and screwed by Paul Wall before our city blew up nationally.

This one has contributions from cats like Vine, Tre9, and Pettidee and was throwed by CHH's top notch chop master DJ Primo.

And I know a lot of y'all have moved on to that Auto-Tune sound, but here in HustleTown we're still jammin the screw. It was never a fad to us - it's in our blood.

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