Friday, July 10, 2009

MJ meets CHH

Ever since Mike Jack passed, music fans and DJs have mourned by putting his music in constant rotation.

A few interested Christian Hip Hop mixes have also emerged.

1st: DJ Heir mashed up FLAME's "Call Him" with "Rock With You."
Listen and/or download here.

2nd: DJ Rhino hit me with this MJ + CHH mix after I helped him track down the Peace 586 track that originally sampled "Can't Help It" from the Off the Wall album.

Listen and/or download here to hear a sweet package that rightfully puts the King of Kings above the King of Pop while still taking pleasure in the music.

1 comment:

Dj Promote said...

I got a link to another one if anyone is interested. Just sent it to Sketch... Its under my mattress... lol...

Message me at and I will send you the link - 30 minutes of mj funk fajitas ;)