Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crossing over

Several Christian rappers and labels are getting their music exposed to mainstream audiences lately.

Florida’s GodChaserz Entertainment’s track, “I Can’t Hear Y’all,” earned an appearance on the official mixtape.

And Syntax Records’ Shane Newville’s “Samurai Showdown” is being used by the CW network to promote an upcoming show called “The Beautiful Life.” Read more here.

Also check out DJ Promote's mash-up of that track with Braille's "Double Dose" on the Wages of Syntax 2 mixtape. It's a thing of beauty.

Finally, you might also catch deepspace5 member Sintax the Terrific’s political raps on Using the news network’s iReport site, the MC has crafted two, rhyme commentary video summaries of the recent election in Iran and the G8 Summit. Check for “Green Out” and “The Last Shall Be G8” below.

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