Thursday, July 23, 2009

Braille's Hip Hop Is Music label is back


Photo by Sketch the Journalist

After a near two-year absence, Braille Brizzy has announced the official return of his Hip Hop Is Music label. After overcoming the stress and fear of starting up such a venture, Braille notes he’s ready to resume operations, if even on a small scale.

The first release will be from Future Shock’s Soujourn. Soujournalism: The Summer Chronicles will be dropping September 1. Download the first single and goodie bag for FREE right 'chere.

He also reports that he will be hosting and performing at the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam on July 29. The event is said to be the largest mentoring program for the blind in the country.

And as for his desire to give away 30,000 copies of the Cloud Nineteen album – he and producer S1 are halfway there. 15,000 have been distributed at shows and events thus far. Look for more to come this summer and with your subscription to Urban D’s S.O.U.L. Magazine.

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