Thursday, January 10, 2008

Subscription Raps

Fans on the Mars Ill mailing list got an interesting note in their Inboxes today:

To all the Mars ILL Faithful:

I"m getting ready to launch Febuary 1st.

You can subscribe today by e-mailing me at

All paypal funds should be sent to the same address (

It's a subscription only website, where I offer 5 new songs every month (AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD). Cost to you guys is $5 / month.

You can sign up for monthly debit or pay it all in one shot and it's $50 for the year instead of $60. If you lag and don't get your February installment in February, it gets taken down when the March installment goes up March 1st. At that point, February is only available in back issue form, which is $8 per episode.

It's a new concept in releasing music this way, but I feel confident it will keep me sharp and keep me giving you as much music as possible. Site will also include blogs and producer profiles on those that are involved. Big ups go Change and Fred B who have already become a huge help and asset to what I'm doing.

This was originally a Mars ILL concept (, but we thought it better to focus Mars ILL's collective attention on our next full length album, which we're working on right now. will feature production from Freddie B, Beat Rabbi, Dust (of course), as well as some up and comers you may not be familiar with.

If you have questions about getting your subscription locked in, hit me up. Whatever you need to do, hit me up.

My e-mail address is:

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you and I hope you'll continue to feel what I bring to the table.


I have to say, it certainly is a creative way to make cake off of rap music - especially in this digital age of declining CD sales.

Peep these articles from USA Today for more facts and figures.
  • 2006 record sales down 15%
  • Rap sales down 30%
I've already hit up Manchild for more info and will be conducting and interview with him shortly. Stay tuned.

Need to know or hear more about Manchild and Mars Ill? Hit the links below.

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