Friday, June 27, 2008

Flix: All Eyes On Me Awards (06.21.08)

The full recap with text and more photos is coming soon. Until then, enjoy this little taste of the All Eyes On Me Awards weekend.

All photos shown below were taken by me - Sketch the Journalist. So if you swipe 'em, please give credit where it's due.

Friday Night Kick-Off Party Fellowship
San Diego's RedCloud rips it with a "pull-out-your-pockets" freestyle
NY's Whuteva (formerly of G-Unit) & Changdwumn in the house

Saturday Workshops & Panel Discussions
Panel A: How real do we have to keep it?

At the table: Sparky D (Roxanne, Roxanne Wars), Mrs. Rocc, Sean Slaughter, Pettidee, Whuteva, Chile Baby & Solo (Gospel Gangstaz), and E-Rock (5th Ward Boys)

Red Carpet
Secta7 founders: Black Seed, Rehab, Last Testament, Optix

Jacksonville, Florida's Pettidee gets an interview

Main Ceremony
Bless'T, Ganksta Loc, and 007 (5th Ward Boys) set it off

Honoring the Classic Era MCs: Ras, Pettidee, Corey Red, & Elle Roc

After Party
Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys) on the ultimate open-mic: Two turntables and a microphone in a crowded hallway before the After Party

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