Thursday, June 19, 2008

Awards: Workshops Location Change # 2

Heads up that the AEOM Awards workshops and panel discussions have been moved back to the original location of the Hilton Garden Inn Houston Northwest.

Please tell everyone you know about this change. Workshops will start at 10am, a catered lunch will be provided, and tickets are only $8 (sold at the door.)

Here's the old/new/current location:

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And the lineup:

Session A (10am - 11:30am): Panel discussion 1
How real do you have to keep it?
Participants: Lil Keke, E-Rock (5th Ward Boys), Gospel Gangstaz, Whuteva, Sean Slaughter, Pettidee, Sparky D (Roxanne, Roxanne Wars)

Session B (11:30am – 12:30pm): Workshop Class
Independent label marketing – A Q&A session with Tim Trudeau of Syntax Records (Braille, RedCloud, LA Symphony, Night Owls, etc) hosted by Sketch the Journalist

Lunch break
- Grab food and return to seat for next session.

Session C (12:30pm – 2pm): Panel discussion 2
Social issues: Worthy topic for Christian MCs or something we've ceded to the mainstream market?
Participants: Corey Red, k-Drama, Danny Wilson (Holy Hip Hop, Inc.), Fros'T, LG Wise, Stephen Wiley, Lil Keke, E-Rock (5th Ward Boys), Big Toe (Soulfruit), DJ Ovadose

Once the workshops are done, head down FM 1960 about 20 minutes to Copperfield Church for the rest of the day's events (red carpet, main ceremony, after party.)

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