Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vidz: KJ, Poems, RedCloud

New (or at least new to me) videos from KJ-52, Poems, and RedCloud. I love the variety of style that is shown here. I think I just need a good Dirty South and NY/East Coast cut to hit to for the cycle.

KJ-52: "Do Yo Thang"
Blinged-out muppet mascots and soccer moms with bottles of Cheer! What more could you ask for?

UPDATE: I think just pegged the reference. Looks like KJ's been getting in some "Yo! Gabba Gabba" with his little boy lately.

do yo thang

Poems: "Love"
Smoothed out cut about the greatest power known to man. Look for cameos by Pigeon John, Stro, and Propaganda(?)

RedCloud: "Boulevard Knights"
Hard rock goes soft and shares his heart.

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The Wade-O Radio Show said...

KJ is a wild dude man. That video takes that song up about 10 notches.