Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Win 1 of 3 fantastic Right Out Loud - The Prequel prize packages from Ruslan & theBREAX

One thing I love about the homie Ruslan (from theBREAX) is that he’s a giver.

First, it was a free mp3 of his tough-as-nails remake of Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.”

Then, it was the Right Out Loud – The Freequel mixtape.

Now, he’s giving away three, yes, three Right Out Loud - The Prequel EP prize packages exclusively to listeners and fans of Sketch the Journalist and The Wade-O Radio Show.

Here’s the deal, Ruslan recently released his new project, Right Out Loud – The Prequel EP, to iTunes and various digital outlets.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Domesticated.” It’s a refreshing song that honors and celebrates the joys of being a legitimate family man.

If you’re familiar with the song (and even if you’re not), then you need to check out the fantastic film version here that keeps it realer than just about 95% of all hip hop videos ever created.

I think this is a message that deserves an even greater push. As such, I’ve teamed up with Ruslan and The Wade-O Radio Show for a little “Domesticated” contest.

All you have to do to win a Right Out Loud - The Prequel prize package is to take and submit a picture of you doing something “Domesticated.”

You’ll also need to find a way to creatively work in text that says “Buy Ruslan’s Right Out Loud - The Prequel on iTunes today.” This could be via a handmade sign in the background, a skywriter that you hired to decorate the clouds above you, or a message knocked out on your little kid’s Lite Brite that’s off to the side.

Then e-mail your submissions to by 5pm PST June 4, 2010.

After that we’ll post all valid entries on and open it up to a public vote.

The three entries with the most votes at noon PST on June 11, 2010 will be named our winners. First, second, and third place will be determined by the final vote tally and will be announced by Ruslan on an upcoming episode of The Wade-O Radio Show.


All of our winners will receive a Right Out Loud prize package that consists of:
  • Ruslan – Right Out Loud - The Prequel deluxe digital edition
  • Ruslan – Right Out Loud - The Prequel hard copy
  • theBREAX- Broken Television DVD
  • theBREAX - When theBREAX Sold Out
  • theBREAX – Self-titled debut album
  • Mikel Anthony - The Schematic
  • Heavenly Host - Thornz In My Flesh


First and second place winners get all of that - PLUS:
  • A theBREAX t-shirt in their size.
  • An “Anti-hype Revolutionary” t-shirt (as worn by Ruslan in the “Domesticated” video) in their size.



And the ultimate winner gets all of the above - PLUS:
  • theBREAX hoodie
  • A Movement Church “I Love My Wife” or “I Love My Family” t-shirt (as seen on Ruslan in the “Nothing in Particular” video) in their size.
  • Two pairs of Airspeed shoes in of their choice and size
So get your thinking caps and cameras on and figure out how you can show off your “Domesticated” side. And if I may suggest some theme music for your efforts, go download the track from iTunes for a mere $0.99 cents.

Get going and good luck!

Contest rules:
  • This contest requires a minimum of 25 entries to be valid.
  • Sorry ladies, we’re trying to encourage our brothers here so this contest is only open to the fellas.
  • One entry per person.
  • All submissions must include:
- Legal name
- Rap name (if applicable)
- Age
- Phone number
- Physical mailing address
- Preferred t-shirt size
- Preferred hoodie size
- Preferred shoe size
  • Submissions containing nudity, sexual innuendo, or inappropriate attire, symbols, and messages will not be permitted. Ruslan, Wade-O, and Sketch the Journalist will make the sole determination of any entries that cross these lines.
  • By submitting an image to this contest, all entrants grant Ruslan, theBREAX, The Wade-O Radio Show, and Sketch the Journalist permission to post and use their name, likeness, and photograph (and that of anyone else in the photograph) in any and all online, social network, and printed promotion related to this contest.
  • Entrants also grant Ruslan, theBREAX, The Wade-O Radio Show, and Sketch the Journalist permission to include them on a marketing list for future Christian hip hop and ministry-related endeavors.

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