Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free DL: The LOST LP - JahRock'n Productions

As LOST, perhaps the G.O.A.T. network drama, says goodbye tonight and this Sunday, I wanted to remind you about an overlooked gem released earlier this year by the folks from JahRock'n Productions.

The free LOST LP expounds upon the multi-layered spiritual messages and themes of the show and even has tracks that are rapped through the eyes and experiences of main characters like Charlie and Kate.

There are also some fun tracks that "flashback" and sample some of hip hop's golden era sounds. And they do the joint up right too with professional artwork, lyrics, and liner notes.

Keep in mind though, that this was created in February at the launch of the season, so don't expect any of this year's explained mysteries to pop up on the record.

Anyway, it's a dope project that deserved more press and listens than I know I've given it thus far.


1. Lost in You 04:16

2. Give It To You 04:19

3. Test Me 04:29

4. I Don't Need That (Yemi) 03:20

5. Flashing Through Time I 03:43

6. I Love You, but I Love You (Kate Austen) 02:50

7. Fly Away (Charlie Pace) 03:37

8. The Temple 03:38

9. Flashing Through Time II 03:59

10.Set Free (Faith vs Science) 04:23

11.Destiny 02:20

Click here to download and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

can we get one for 24?